Horror Movie Screenings Around Boston

Horror Movie


Horror movies are a quintessential part of Halloween festivities, and many locations around Boston offer screenings of both old and new horror movies to give you a fright. If you are a horror movie fan or  you’re just looking for something scary to do, make sure to check out these screenings over Halloween weekend.


Stop by Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline for their 16th annual Halloween Horror Marathon. Starting at midnight on Saturday, October 29, the theater will show 12 straight hours of horror. This year will feature a screening of Wes Craven’s Scream and Scream 2. The marathon will include four other horror movies, but as per tradition the titles will not be revealed before the event. Also be sure to check the theater’s schedule, as the weeks before Halloween offer other horror movie screenings, including The Fly and Poltergeist.


Check out the Brattle Theater in Cambridge on any day over Halloween weekend for some classic Halloween movies. Saturday afternoon includes a screening of The Addams Family, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. That night, check out a screening of Pet Sematary followed by a documentary that depicts the making of the movie. Sunday night offers a screening of Nosferatu, and on Halloween itself stop by for a free screening of The Bride of Frankenstein or a showing of Halloween.


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If you’re a big fan of Rocky Horror, there are multiple opportunities for you to check out the show. The Full Body Cast performs the show every Saturday night at midnight at the Boston Common AMC Loews Theater, but get there early to watch their pre-show performance, which changes on a regular basis. If you’re a movie purist, a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s original film will take place at midnight on Friday, October 21 at Apple Cinemas Cambridge.


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If you’re more into comedy with your horror, Young Frankenstein is making a limited return to theaters this fall. Starting on October 18, the movie will be playing at select times at the Regal Fenway Stadium 13 on Brookline Avenue.

As happens every October, there are also a whole slew of horror movies currently playing or soon to be released in theaters. The Girl on the Train is a mystery thriller starring Emily Blunt as an alcoholic divorcee embroiled in a missing persons investigation. For the children, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is a dark fantasy novel from the mind of Tim Burton, about children with physical oddities that set them apart from society. Don’t Breathe is a crime thriller about three thieves who become trapped in the home of the blind man they are trying to rob, only to discover that he is not as helpless as he looks. Rob Zombie’s latest offering will be opening this week: 31 depicts a group of carnival workers who are kidnapped and tortured. Finally, Ouija: Origin of Evil will also be opening this week, and tells the tale of a mother and two daughters who run a scam seance business, but inadvertently bring real evil into their home.

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