Happy Father’s Day From IM Boston!

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Happy Father’s Day from IM Boston, to you!

To help celebrate Father’s Day, we asked Boston fathers about why they love being dads. Show your dad some love this Father’s day and don’t forget to tell us in the comments what you love about your old man!

We went out into the city of Boston to hear from fathers first-hand what their favorite thing about being a dad is. From watching them grow to having fun days together in Boston, there are endless reasons why these fathers love their children.

What does Boston mean to you? To us it means people: people of all colors, lifestyles, backgrounds, social status, and all the stories they come with. People are what makes Boston great. That’s why IM Boston is striving to discover various stories from Boston people. We want to hear your stories of life, love, adversity, triumph, adventure, sorrow, family, and pride. You are what make Boston great. Let’s hear your stories. Lift up your voice.


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