Infographic: Universal Themes of 2016 #ShareYourHope

With 220 different answers on the Share Your Hope board, the IM Boston team has made it their mission to group similar answers together. This is our way of illustrating that although we are all unique individuals, we as human beings go through the same trials and tribulations. Not only that, people reach for the same things during those moments of doubt.

Family seems to be the most recurring theme out of all.

A lot of participants seem to turn to the family a lot for support. Perhaps it’s because they know that no matter what happens, one’s family members are the ones who will always be there for you in times of need.

The next most common answer are those that bore out of individuals’ hard work. Small victories accomplished withing the year mean that much more because it became anchors that held people through their hardest days- giving them a sense of inspiration and hope.

Below, you can see what other themes were common within the board!

The Share Your Hope Infographic:


share your hope infographic

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