Infographic: Universal Themes of #ShareYourHope

In this social experiment, even though the IM Boston team raised two different questions, we were astounded to find that both sides of the board contained similar themes of inspiration and selflessness.

Indeed, if this experiment proved anything, it’s that it is in one’s human nature to be selfless. With the top answers on both the 2016 and 2017 question involving other people, it’s not surprising that one of the most common themes that people think about upon reading the two questions are others but themselves. This brought a great deal of inspiration and hope to us, and hopefully you too.

We couldn’t make this event possible and as meaningful as it turned out without the 220 total responses, the 15 different languages and all the support we got during this experiment! The IM Boston could not thank everyone enough, and we hope you have prosperous year ahead.

Don’t forget to #ShareYourHope, smiles and love every day with the people around you!

inspiration infographic

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