10 of The Most Unconventional Yet Insta-worthy Places In Boston

Being in Boston truly makes one feel like they’re constantly living in a postcard. What with the historic sites, the wonderful architecture surrounding the city and even just by standing on a random intersection within the city, everything just seems so picture perfect. So why not get a great instagram picture of it?

However, we’re sure Bostonians and non-Bostonians alike have taken so many pictures of the most iconic spots in the city. People then post them and brag about them in their different social media platforms. But if you’re looking to spice things up, we have the top ten places around town for you to visit if you want to give your followers a different perspective of Boston!

Forget Acorn Street, Newbury Street, Quincy Market or the CITGO sign for now… Here are more places you can take snapshots of to make your feed prettier!

Our favorite? We’d say everything, but if we really had to pick- we’d go with #8! Click on to check these awesome shots out and tell us your own favorite!

boston instagram picture

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