Art of Cars: How “Gearhead” Chris Gets Others to Appreciate Cars

Meet Chris Raymond, a self-proclaimed “gearhead” and born and raised Bostonian. Chris’s passion for the art of cars has led him to create a blog devoted to getting others to appreciate the history of the automotive industry.


Where are you from? How did you find your way to Boston?

I was born in Boston and spent most of my life in the South Shore, with the exception of a brief stint in Putney, VT.  Both my parents were born in Boston, and my grandparents emigrated here, so we have a long history with this city.


How would you describe yourself in 3 words? How do these traits come across in your blog?

Intelligent, Compassionate, and Sarcastic, and apparently not the least bit humble.  All three are traits that describe Bostonians in general, which is something I take pride in.  I try to educate readers about automobiles, focusing on design and sprinkled with some little known automotive facts.  I hope intelligence comes through in my knowledge of cars, compassion through my love of all things automotive, and sarcasm through my writing. 


What makes you a Bostonian?

My accent.  But also…being a Bostonian is more than just being someone who lives in the city, it is a state of mind.  Bostonians are intelligent, sophisticated, honest, and confident.  They have an off-beat sense of humor and (I’ve been told) an odd accent.  I consider myself a Bostonian because I am a product of this city and am proud of its heritage.  


Tell us a little about your blog, how/why did you start it?

I started Chris on Cars after watching a friend develop a very successful sports satire site.  I always had a love of cars, and thought that creating my own website would be a good way to get people interested in the history of automotive design.  Automobiles helped build this nation, but have been delegated to basic cable channels and corporate automotive sites.  The history, the design and the advancements made in the average car is part of an evolution that should be treated with more respect than it presently garners.  I had a solid knowledge of automotive history, and thought it would be fun to share it with other “gearheads.”


What is the automotive scene like in Boston? How often do you attend car shows in the Boston area?

The automotive scene in Boston is actually pretty interesting.  We may not have access to as much racing as other parts of the country, but we have a very strong car community.  Boston is home to several excellent car museums, and during the summer there is a classic car show almost every day somewhere in the state.  I try to attend the bi-weekly classic car show in Foxboro, as well as local shows in my area.  I also make a point to attend the Concours events in Newport, RI and Greenwich CT.   One event I am truly excited about is Indycars coming to Boston in 2016.  I plan on having a front row seat.


If you were to design a car, where would you pull your inspiration from? Classic, antique, futuristic?

It is not possible for me to look at any car without trying to improve its design in my head.  My inspiration would most probably come from the classic era.  Antique cars are unique because they are so different from the technology we take for granted today, but the classic era was all about style.  I’ll take form over function.  Today’s cars are mostly function, designed by teams of accountants and corporate executives, rather than true stylists.  Modern cars all look the same and are devoid of any personality.  My car would be inspired by a Ferrari 250GT Lusso, a Duesenberg SJ or the quirky Citroen DS.                      


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