Eliza Shirazi: Empowering Women to Believe in Their Bodies

kick it by eliza

When meeting Eliza Shirazi for the first time, it’s hard to grasp that she is the fearless leader of the Kick It by Eliza empire. With blonde, wild hair and a height only slightly taller than five-feet, Eliza’s never-ending smile is as electric as the positivity radiating from her at every moment. But, after spending no more than five minutes in her presence, it becomes easy to understand why so many women are addicted to her fitness classes: they wish to emulate her.

Eliza is more in touch with her body and mind in her twenties than most people will be by their forties. And that doesn’t just stem from fitness — it stems from true aspirations to connect her physical body with her emotions through creativity, movement, and reflection. Women can be so afraid to go out of their comfort zones, and it prevents them from truly persevering. However, seeing Eliza do it inspires them to give it a try.

Discover why so many women look up to Eliza as more than just a fitness instructor, but as a role model. #BostonHighlight

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