David Altenor: Facing the Music

David Altenor may be a music producer and musician for Kingdomsound Music Group, but for him it’s not about the music; it’s about the message the music carries.

“Work your butt off, love God, take care of your family, and give back to people,” was a theme that held strong in David’s family. Boston born and raised, David’s family had a strong faith in God and David grew up playing Gospel music in his church. While attending Boston College, David found himself at a crossroads in life. His brother had recently passed from brain cancer and his mother suffered a stroke after the tragic earthquake in Haiti. It was at this crossroads where David heard the music and for the first time, he listened. Driven by his faith, David started writing music and producing to help inspire people and to make a difference in his community.

Struggling to find opportunities to get his music out and spread his message, David had a realization that he should stop looking for opportunities, because he was the opportunity. From this awakening, David founded Kingdomsound Music Group:

“To use music as a tool to promote the word of God, to impact social change in all places and to influence people to be better global citizens.”

Since then, Kingdomsound music has gone on to appear at the Grammy’s and win multiple awards for the inspiring music that reaches thousands.

Hear David’s full story and share his inspiration…

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