Lauren Metter: As Boston as it gets!

Where are you from? What brought you to Boston?

I’m from Allentown, Pennsylvania. Yes, like the Billy Joel song. No, I am not Amish. I came to Boston for school – went to BU.


Have you always been passionate about social media?

It all started when I was writing about Occupy Boston for DigBoston. I was reporting live from the Greenway the night everyone got arrested for peaceful protesting. They told all the journalists to stay away, but I guess I missed the memo.

I was following the hashtag #OccupyBoston to follow police movements. I saw where they were lining up and ran there. Stood on a hill and starting recording with my iPhone. It didn’t take long to realize this was the most important video I’d ever taken. The BPD spread out to surround the line of linked-armed protesters, who were right behind a group called the Veterans for Peace. They were protecting the peaceful protestors. As I recorded, the BPD threw the Veterans for Peace to the ground and started arresting protesters.

Eventually I ran away and uploaded the video to YouTube, and tweeted it. Then my phone died.

When we got back to the office late that night, I charged and turned on my phone. It rang – it was a news channel. The next day The Guardian called for an interview. We stayed up all night watching the retweets. The video went viral because of Twitter – we called it the tweet heard ‘round the world. It had been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times, and so the video, the truth, had been seen across the world.

It was that night that I truly realized the power of social media. The same way a citizen journalist can reach thousands of people across the world, in real-time – a small, local business can get their voice out there, to thousands of people, if they do social media right. That’s what Metter Media is all about.


How did you start Metter Media?

I started Metter Media while I was at the Dig. As a paper, we were the best at social media in Boston. So some restaurant advertisers wanted to know if we could help them with their social media. This was back when we actually had to convince some people that they needed to be on social media, but this first restaurant group was ahead of the game. Now, it’s ubiquitous. Everyone knows they need to be online. We’re simply here to help them. Because if you’re running a business, you definitely don’t have time to manage your online presence as well.


Do you have any projects that you’re especially proud of?

Not projects, but people yes. Every day I’m proud of our team here at Metter Media. Especially to have a partner like Lyssa Goldberg, who co-owns the business with me. It’s one thing to create new ideas. But it’s entirely another thing to have the passion, dedication and persistence to keep this company running. The whole reason we do this is to help businesses, and what we do is a service. So we need to constantly get their personalities out there via social media, make sure they’re happy with what we’re putting out, and do it better than anyone else in Boston. Plus, being able to laugh through the good times and the not-so-good times is important for a business to succeed.

Then there’s our team – I’m amazed every day at what they do. You should follow us on Twitter @mettermedia, solely so you can get all of their handles. These are, hands down, the brightest minds at social media in Boston, in the country even. We have a feed where we can watch all of our clients’ posts throughout the day – it’s so awesome. To watch all of those different businesses get out there on social media. And we’re also a team of writers. If you think about it, social media is all about telling stories. Getting these businesses’ personalities to shine online. So every single post is a new story. Every post needs to be fresh and new.


What are your favorite online brand personalities?

I’d have to say that I don’t follow too many big brands on social media. I think it’s pretty cringe-worthy when big brands try to capitalize off of major news as well. Social media should be more about being genuine. And I find that every brand has a more personal story to tell, if they’re doing it right.

On that note: @BrandsSayingBae and @A_single_bear, if I had to pick.


What makes you a Bostonian?

Boston is always one step ahead of the game. From gay rights to the future of music to our constant drive to innovate, there’s no place I’d rather be. And as far as social media goes, people are always saying things like, “Well what about AFTER social media?” As if it’s some sort of fad or trend.

It’s just like anything; it’s an evolution. The online world and its social aspects are never going away; they’re only going to change and get more exciting. And I promise you, Metter Media will always be on the cusp of what’s to come. That, to me, is as Boston as it gets.


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