Meet Leidy Restrepo- Gifted Boston Marketer


Leidy Restrepo’s passion for a wide variety of creative subjects helped her become a great Marketer. IM Boston sat down with Leidy in attempt to learn more about her career while trying to see Boston through her eyes.

1. Tell us about your career as a Marketer?

My career as a Marketer began while I was doing a year of intensive community service through the AmeriCorps VISTA program for the United Way of North Central MA. I had just finished studying Media and International Affairs in Boston and was looking for a challenging opportunity that could give me a sense of direction and purpose.
As I became more involved with United Way’s community outreach efforts, I quickly realized that I really enjoyed the marketing tasks the most –helping promote their services and volunteer opportunities through social media, email marketing, and blogging was my favorite part of the day. The ability to work on more creative projects like designing flyers, event invitation cards, and other announcements also sparked an interest in graphic design; my attention to detail and enthusiasm for the visual arts (from my photography and drawing background) enjoyed the challenge of trying to get a message across effectively and harmoniously. Now I just needed to find a career path where I could continue to develop my skills and newfound interests…
That’s when I realized I should pursue marketing; it requires you to be a “jack of all trades” –one day you can be writing copy for an email marketing campaign or blog, and the next day you can be designing a flyer announcement or leading a product photo shoot for your company’s website. I enjoy the variety it brings to my every day work life and I love that it requires me to be creative and driven: you have to continue growing your skills and experience in order to remain competitive. It’s the perfect balance for someone who has an artistic inclination but wants a stable and promising career.

2. What kind of photography are you into? Tell us more about your passion for photography.

Before getting into photography I was big into video; it started with me asking my parents for a video camera when I was 15 yrs old and taking it everywhere me. There wasn’t a moment that I didn’t want to capture, whether it was good or bad.  However, video was becoming an expensive hobby; video tapes were around $8 each and I was running out fast. Photography just seemed like a natural transition and after taking a dark room class at the Worcester Art Museum it become my new obsession.
It wasn’t long until my skills as a photographer started getting noticed by people, resulting in small jobs for friends or acquaintances –including a few weddings during high school and college. However, it was during my time studying abroad in Spain that I developed a passion for people photography; I wanted to capture every character I saw on the street and any form of expression they shared with me. Flamenco dancers were my favorite subjects.
Today, I approach photography more openly; I’ve recently started learning about food styling and food photography for my current job. Still life is surprisingly harder then taking candids of people but it can also be more fun -specially when there’s food involved.

3. Tell us about an experience/incident that changed your life. It could be anything.

I don’t think I would be who I am today if it wasn’t for the experience of having lived in two other countries at some point in my life. Moving from Colombia to America was a big transition, requiring me to mature at a young age, but moving to Spain after high school helped me figure out the kind of person I wanted to be. I feel lucky to have had more than one opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and gain wisdom and insight that I may have never achieved otherwise.

4. What are your favorite spots in Boston? Tell us your opinion on Boston arts.

Some of my favorite spots in Boston include The Lawn on D and The Public Garden –these are beautiful outdoor spaces where I can relax and enjoy the energy of Boston during nice summer days. There’s also a lot of artistic inspiration in these places; from the bands that play at Lawn on D to the street performers at the Public Garden.

5. You have mentioned ‘Design’ on your Twitter page. What kind of design are we talking about here? Please elaborate on that.

This year has been a lot about me learning how design plays a role in everything we do: whether its website design, graphic design, interior design, etc. There hasn’t been a single project where I haven’t tried to understand how “good design” can make it better, which is a challenge because I’m not a designer of any sort. However, I have dabbled in graphic design projects for previous positions and its something that I’ve always wanted to learn more of so I’m taking a class at the Boston Center for Adult Education to take my skills to the next level. My goal is to one day lead everything I do or create by good design, even my photography.


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