Meet Bri Rinehart

Where are you from originally? What brought you to Boston?

I am originally from California, coming from a small town in the Central Valley. I had been wanting to live on the east coast for a while and decided in December of 2013 that I would be moving to the east coast in 2014. I researched different cities and decided to try Boston. Once I decided to move to Boston, I began looking for jobs in the area and after months of searching, I found one. In the August of 2014, I moved from the west coast to the east coast! I didn’t want this to be my one regret in life and knew that this was my now or never moment, so I took the chance. It was a little scary, considering I didn’t know anyone in Boston when I picked to move there, but its one of the best decisions I have made!

What was the inspiration for creating your blog?

I created this blog because I wanted to share my adventures with whomever would read them. Mainly for family and friends back home who wanted to keep up with what I was doing in one place. I’ve tried “niche” blogging over the past few years, but found it to be difficult to write about one subject matter because I have so many interests that I want to write about. Since switching to writing about what I want and not having to worry about being a “niche” blog, I have loved it and am able to constantly produce content.

How did you get into photography?

I began to fall in love with photography about five years ago. Growing up, when I went on field trips or adventures with friends, I was always the one documenting everything with my little disposable camera then eventually a digital camera. When I decided to really get into photography and focus on taking pictures, I bought myself a Nikon D3100. I took classes here and there, but mainly taught myself to take pictures. I love being able to capture the moments and beauty in the world that I see.

Tell us about someone of your Massachusetts adventures! Do you have a favorite story?

There’s so many adventures I could tell you about! I love adventures, whether its staying in Boston and exploring the city, or heading out to the Boston Harbor Islands, having a beach day, heading to Salem for Halloween… so much to do! I’m always looking for fun and new things to experience. I could go on a solo adventure or an adventure with friends, as long as I’m out and about, I’m having fun! I honestly don’t have a favorite story because I love everything that I’ve done in Massachusetts.

What are some of your other hobbies that you enjoy?

Some of my other hobbies include going to concerts, sporting events, reading, running, and painting/creating art.
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