2017 Trends in Men’s Fashion From The Experts

For quite a time, mens clothes and fashion have been put on the back burner and neglected by the a lot of people. But if the past years have proven anything, it’s that we’re definitely experiencing a revolution. A lot of male fashion designers have been pushed to the limelight as of lately, and with all eyes on them, they’ve been serving us nothing but great looks.

From Balmain to Gucci, and now onto our local New England based brands- these people will help guide those guys who are looking to amp up their style game! Because trust us, dressing well will help boost your self-esteem, confidence and even creative energy.

Curious for more? We have four amazing tips as told by the experts themselves down below!

1. Shoes are a reflection of your personality

Whether it’s for a formal look or just a trip to the grocery store, shoes really are an extension of us. In fact, there are different studies centered on how we wear our shoes and how much a good pair of shoes can say about our personality.

With that in mind, a good pair of boots can take you from the 9-5 office hours to your dinner date or getting a drink with the boys. We have two brands for you to choose from: firstly, Boston Boot Co is known for their range of styles that suit every man’s preference. Not only that, they name the different products after iconic Boston streets and areas, too! From mid to low cut boots, their designs are not only perfect for the man on the go, but it’s well-suited for any type of New England weather, too!

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Another perfect brand that hails from the New England area is Rancourt & Co, and trust us when we say that this might be your next go-to brand- especially when you’re into well fitted, custom made dress shoes. All their pieces have stunning details, and are stitched up and hand-made. Go check their store out now, as they have such a wide variety of styles! Not only that, you can also find the perfect fit for you via their sizing guide.

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2. Dressy mens clothes is sexy

It’s undeniable that you not only have to pick the right pair of shoes; your mens clothes have to match the setting as well. Nowadays, the dressy look is all the rage no matter which side of the globe you are. From the streets of Tokyo to our own, you can see the smart casual look on guys everywhere!

Which is why brands like Blank Label and 9Tailors are just right for those who want this trending look! Blank Label offers custom-made suits, dress shirts and pants. Every single body type is different, and they recognize that fact entirely. This is why appointments are available to be made online; so you can ask their experts for style advice and other things you need to step up your look!

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9Tailors is also a brand that focuses on giving their customers high quality mens clothes that are customized, flattering and complimenting their body well.  All of their tailors have worked as apprentices and have techniques acquired through years of practice.

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3. Go vintage!

A very evident trend in fashion nowadays is the return of everything vintage. From cropped tops, to chokers and even vintage looking tees, everything old is coming back around.

This is what makes Sault NE stand out for us the most. Their short sleeve tees give your look that trendy, old school feel; especially if you’re looking for a casual yet cool look on the weekends while running errands. Another great piece they have on their roster is their Challenger Eco Pullover Hoodie that’s made Eco-Fleece is perfect with sweats and your trusty pair of kicks too during the lazy days!

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4. Accessories always complete the look

Wearing accessories is a great way to spice things up. For days where you need to dress up, pocket squares and ties can make quite the difference. It gives one a sense of individuality, and ties your whole look together, too! Faburiq is a brand that’s based in the city of Boston and specializes in creating modern accessories that’s sourced from vintage Japanese Kimono fabrics. Check their shop out and see for yourself! Surely you’ll find a tie or two that will suit your taste well.

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It’s no secret that a good pair of sunglasses can also make or break your look. But you’ll be glad to know that some styles never fade. In this case, wayfarers are always a safe bet. IGoVille has sustainable and stylish ones that’s perfect for whatever outfit you have on!

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As we’ve mentioned before, the New England weather can be quite predictable. One minute, there’s snow covering the streets and the next; you’re faced with a downpour and have to deal with sleet everywhere. This is where the importance of outerwear comes in. No matter how you look; if you don’t protect yourself from the weather, then there’s really no point in dressing up.

Which is why Penfield is such a reliable brand for any outerwear looks- because from bomber jackets, to parkas and raincoats, all of their designs look stylish and functional!

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With all that advice we’ve given, we’d love for you guys to also check out these top 10 New England Designers as well to continue supporting our local businesses and getting great mens clothes! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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