Message from The Founders

“I’ve lived in many different places over the years and my heart always remains in Boston, the best damn city in the world.”

What Inspired IM Boston?

We decided to launch the IM Boston website after being inspired by our love for the city of Boston. We wanted to capture the spirit of Boston, in essence, the people. The website needed to represent everything about Boston that we loved: the attitude, the values, the pride and the many cultures that make up the city we call home.

There Are Many Heroes Among Us

We were looking for a way to capture the heroes among us. Everyone has a story, everyone has a passion for what they do each day. And, everyone has a name, but many are not heard of. They have no name in big lights and no face on the big screen, but they make up what this city is all about. The little things they do everyday. The entrepreneur that employs 10 people, the non-profit that cares for inner city youth, the artists that carefully perfect their craft to bring beauty to life. We call them ‘highlights’. They are the life that is the city of Boston.

Thank You, Boston

Before we get in to the many new changes at IM Boston, we first want to thank all those who have supported us over this past year and shown us that you too, really believe this is something special. So, after a few months of putting our nose to the grind, we appear again, fresh and renewed!

First Big Change

We are very excited to share with you the many changes to IM Boston. Our biggest change is the layout. Because we needed a place to feature our highlights, the website got a makeover. We have many new interviews which we will highlight each month going forward. We also defined the site by adding areas of interest to include more of the content you love.

Boston is the full inspiration behind our logo, our font, and our content. We have a deep love for Boston and the New England area. We love the air, the soil, the atmosphere, the trees, the streets, the sports, the culture, the history, the attitude and most of all… the people. All of these things are now ingrained into the site, thanks to the changes we have made.

Latest Edition to IM Boston

Walking the streets of Boston, you can find inspiration around every corner. So, we came up with the idea that we should develop something more than just content on a site – something that the people of Boston can wear proudly.

We closed the doors, we ordered pizza and we got to work on developing another IM Boston creation. Just as it had been with the website, they had to have meaning, they had to have a story, they had to be inspiring and they had to have names. Our shirts started to come to life.

We chose the best quality material. We want them to not only fit well but also feel good. To be sure we never forget what they mean, each shirt had to have their story printed inside. We also didn’t want to mass-produce, so we only created a limited quantity of each. All of our shirts are made in the Americas and many are made here in the United States. It was important that we sourced locally and that we gave back to the local community. What could be better than working with a local non-profit – Artists for Humanity, to support their efforts and print the shirts right here in Boston?

We’re really excited about our new line of shirts and we’re happy to present them to you, Boston, our inspiration for it all. We have a piece of Boston’s soul in these shirts and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed created them.

Thank you Boston!


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