Mind-Blowing Annual Boston Snow Data 2005-2015

Boston snow man

If you are a Boston resident, no one knows better but you about the amount of snow in Boston. The city looks flooded with “white sea” and excessive mist. The cars turn into snow bumps and a kid can even slide down the peak on them. What’s the worst part is that the underground railway is always working and a worker can’t even make an excuse out of the snowfall to convince his boss.

The snowfall records are an estimation of the havoc it caused in winters. The snowfall of 1995 to 1996 recorded 107.6 inches. And the very recent one in 2015, recorded 105.7 inches of snow. Round about 130 roofs have collapsed as a result of substantial snow. Big machines and cranes are required to help clear out the snow. It looks like a big plot of cream all around the city with buildings representing the  role of a candles. If only this cream was eatable!


Snow Totals:


Month        Year     Inches

January         2005     43.3 inches

February       2013     24.9 inches

January         2015     24.6 inches

February       2015     64.8 inches


Year                 Inches

2005                     86.6 inches

2010-2011           81.0 inches

2014-2015         110.6 inches


By Year:

10 worst winters in Boston

                Total Snowfall               Max 24 Hour Snowfall          

Year                     Inches                  Inches

2005                             43.30                             13.40

2006                             8.10                               4.40

2007                             1.00                              0.60

2008                             8.30                               7.00

2009                             23.70                             9.30

2010                             13.20                             6.40

2011                            38.30                             14.60

2012                             6.80                               2.90

2013                             5.00                               3.20

2014                             21.80                            10.60

2015                             34.30                             22.10


So you see, if you can convince yourself to forget about the beautiful galleries, marvelous cafes, all night long fun in the nightclubs, yummy restaurants, theaters and all the clothing options then one can think of Boston as one hell of a snowy city and not to be messed with. You can ask Bostonians who have to spend hours shoveling the snow off the ground each day during the winter. Bostonians themselves are fed up of this snow crap!

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