Murder for Two

The theater scene in Boston is great, but traditional Broadway fare is not for everyone. If you like your stage shows with a bit of an edge to them, look no further than Murder for Two. Running until December 24 at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston on Clarendon Street, this show is can’t-miss.

Murder for Two is a classic murder mystery show with a couple of twists. The first twist: everyone is a suspect. Everyone the detective comes into contact with during the show may be the killer. The second twist: there are only two actors in the entire show. One actor plays the detective, and the other takes on the roles of each and every one of the suspects.

The two actors circle around one another and join each other to tinkle away on the piano, in a fun and funny homage to classic closed-room murder whodunits. Costars Jared Trolio and Kirsten Salpini dazzle and delight in roles that show off their multitude of skills. Although there are only two actors, they fully command the stage and the audience’s attention.

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