Meet Neha- Boston Fashion Blogger from Bombay

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Drop in on IM Boston’s exclusive interview with Neha, a popular Boston Fashion blogger who originates from Bombay!

1. Tell us about your transition from Bombay to Boston. What brought you to Boston?

This timing of this question couldn’t have been better. Coincidentally , I just celebrated 10 years of being in Boston just a few days ago. I came to Boston for my Masters in Information Systems at Northeastern University ( Go Huskies! )
The transition from Bombay to Boston has been a wonderful journey filled with ups and downs and peppered with lessons and stories. Out of the many things that come to mind of this journey, the one thing I have to  mention is learning the meaning of independence. When you come so far from home  – you have two choices – to take the freedom and run with it or to moderate your own independence, have all the fun but not lose focus.

2. What are your favorite places in Boston? (It could be a list of restaurants, bars, museums, or anything that you’re fond of)

I love that Boston has so many wonderful places with vegetarian options. Da Vinci for dinner is on top of my list and nothing beats a grand brunch buffet at the Tavern. Caffe Nero is my usual hangout and the Boston Public library is my mecca.
As for a place that I associate the most with Boston – it has got to be to the Trinity Church. I have yet to a church as beautiful as this one.

3. What made you want to become a Boston Fashion Blogger? – Tell us more about your work as a personal style and lifestyle blogger.

I started blogging to connect with people. Be it daily outfits, corporate dressing  ideas, my struggle with weight and body image or glamour in the little details of life – it’s a medium to connect with people over shared interests. My blogging journey has been extremely wonderful and I am learning so much every day – but it does get overwhelming with a full-time corporate job. I absolutely couldn’t do it without my husband – who is my support system, the photographer and shall we say – CTO of the blog. We feel very fortunate to be able to turn it into a business. I feel honored to have had the chance to work with some amazing brands and have a few upcoming collaborations that I cannot wait to share with everyone.

4. Is there any force or thing that motivates you everyday? Tell us what inspires you the most – It could be anything.

It has hands-down got to be the readers of Love Playing Dressup. Every comment, every question, every email I get is what keeps me going. I love hearing from each and everyone 🙂

5. Please share with us an experience/incident that you have learnt from or any story of yours that you’d like to feature on IM Boston.

I used to do theater back in India and wanted to get back on the stage after coming to Boston. I decided to take a few classes to get the hang of the theater scene here in Boston and learn from people involved in this art. My first day was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I felt so out of place – I was the only “foreigner” in the class – different skin color, different accent and more-over all that cultural shock! Even though stage wasn’t new to me – at that moment I felt it was something foreign or alien I had put myself into. I wanted to run away. After many failed auditions and a few side roles – I scored a rather substantial role in a popular production. As I stood on the stage on the opening night – it struck me, how much this city and its people had accepted me and how I had become one of them. I am glad I did not run away from class on the first day and realize that if you have your heart and soul in something – you can cross the ocean ( literally! ) and attain that!
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