10 Oktoberfest-Worthy Craft Breweries in Boston

Oktoberfest Boston

From apple picking to pumpkin carving, fall’s arrival reintroduces a hearty blend of enchanting traditions to New England. Of all the fall season’s heart-warming traditions, however, there is one that never fails to enchant and refresh: beer. Every year, thousands of legal-aged Bostonians round together in celebration of Oktoberfest, where great food, beer, and people come together in one jay-walking, Red Sox chanting pact. Oktoberfest is more than just another excuse to drink at 11 Am (though it certainly makes it a socially acceptable time, so thank’s Germany). It’s a fall tradition that brings beer-lovers together in tear-jerking unity. So, forget the perfect pumpkin patch-this is one tradition that demands to be celebrated in only the most impressive and utterly delicious craft breweries. Read on for the top ten, most Oktoberfest-worthy breweries in all of Boston. Remember: you and your liver deserve the best.

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1. Harpoon Brewery

Located on Northern Avenue in the heart of South Boston on Northern Avenue, the Harpoon Brewery joined the Boston neighborhood in 1987, occupying a transformed warehouse space. Their Oktoberfest tribute beer “Flannel Friday” has a malted finish and gentle bitterness to welcome your tastebuds into fall. Their octoberfest celebration (no RSVP required) will feature a variety of home-crafted hops, malts, and yeast beers.

2. Bone Up Brewing Company

Newly joined to Everett’s fermentation center, the Bone Up Brewing Company was founded by a husband and wife whose relationship was founded on their mutual love for great beer.  What’s better to toast to than true love? Their beers blend classic American taste with old school Belgium inspiration. Their house yeast blend is already making them a top destination spot for beer lovers, despite only opening this year.

3. Night Shift Brewing

Founded in 2012 by three friends with a shared knack for homebrewing, Night Shift Brewing is another Everett pride and joy.  Their upcoming Oktoberfest event will feature a variety of German-style beers from light to dark, which attendees can enjoy under a gigantic bier garden tent. Their Kehl beer is one we can’t wait to try, with hints of pretzel grain and caramel. Bonus: free yoga every Sunday to work off those bubbly carbs!

nightshift4. Dorchester Brewing Company

The Dorchester Brewing Company knows fall beer. With the arrival of September, they’ve blessed us with a variety of fall-inspired beers of darker and sweeter malts. Their Oktoberfest tribute beer, Dorchester Festbier, is a malty-sweet blend of Vienna and Pilsner malts. Dangerously delicious.

5. Exhibit ‘A’

Exhibit ‘A’ is nestled in Framingham, and has some of the best craft beers in New England. Their signature “Goody Two Shoes” craft beer is a refreshing blend of Mandarina Bavaria and Tettnanger hops, Weyermann Pilsner malt, Valley Malt Warthog Wheat, and Vienna Malt.  Now that’s craftyAlso, we had to give a shout-out to the charity even their hosting on 9/27 for pediatric cancer awareness. Drink beer while putting a dent in the cancer fight? Absolutely.

6. Idle Hands Craft Ales

Located in Malden, Idle Hands Craft Ales has an impressive collection of Belgian-inspired craft beers that are just as refreshing as the first day of fall. We’re itching to wind down with their “Brocktoberfest” concoction. It’s the perfect malted fall-inspired blend, with hints of fresh baked crusty bread and a touch of caramel.

7. Winter Hill Brewing

This cozy microbrewery in Somerville also doubles as a coffee shop equipped with a delicious gourmet menu. You can nurse your hangover the next morning at the same place you earned it!

8. The Mighty Squirrel

Get your protein kids! This brewery in Boston actually specializes in craft beers with added protein sources. Their typical beer has about 4 grams of protein, so you’ll have the strength to keep chugging!

9. Trillium Brewing Company

With locations in both Canton and Boston, this super-chic brewery opened in 2013 with inspiration from the traditional, farmhouse-style of brewing. The brewery is a lovely blend of old-school modernity and features a variety of home-brewed cases for purchase.

10. Sam Adams

Yeah, we’ve all been on the tour before, but don’t neglect what we have here in this special brewery that is the godfather to many of the other guys on this list. Sam Adams has been around for awhile and they are still making some damn good Oktoberfest Brews worth drinking to.


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