How to Pass the Time on the Train Into Boston

Train to Boston

Tracks rumble and brakes screech as you stick to your seat on the train, silently anticipating your arrival in Boston. The commute, and any long subway ride, can seem like an uncomfortable hassle before reaching your destination across town, but it doesn’t have to! Take the time to relax, escape traffic and get pumped for the city with these Boston themed ideas for what to do on the train.

1. Listen to Boston based podcasts

Entertainment on the train to Boston
Podcasts are one of the easiest ways to entertain yourself on the train. Just use the Podcast app that is already on your Product to download episodes of Boston themed radio shows. WBUR offers Radio Boston with stories from the people of Boston and WGBH has a Boston Public Radio Podcast featuring conversations with local leaders and thinkers.

2. Read books about Boston

Entertainment on the train to Boston

Check out some Boston content from your library or Kindle for some light reading on the train. The city is home to an endless number of stories from history to sports to important figures. One option, The Rascal King, is a Boston must read about former Mayor Curley. If you are looking for fiction, Still Alice is a popular novel set in Boston and recently came out as a major motion picture.

3. Tune into the game

Entertainment on the train to Boston


Boston sports fans – whether you are on your way to a game or just want to catch up on the score – you can tune into sports radio from your seat on the train! WEEI has an app, or tune into their channel on your regular radio app. You can also find a number of podcasts, such as the MLB Red Sox Podcast, that discuss the events of the game afterwards.

4. Make a Boston playlist

Entertainment on the train to Boston

Plug in your headphones and tune out the sounds of the train with some songs about Boston. You can make a Boston themed playlist with songs like Dirty Water by the Standells or Boston by Kenny Chesney. You might also enjoy other songs associated with Boston like Sweet Caroline (the Red Sox theme) or Where Everybody Knows Your Name (the theme for Cheers).

5. Read the Boston Globe

Entertainment on the train to Boston

One of the oldest sources of entertainment and information can travel with you anywhere on your mobile device. The Boston Globe keeps you up to date on the latest news, events, stories and crossword puzzles. With a subscription, you can access all of that on their Epaper App and catch up on Boston happenings before arriving.

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