6 People You Meet on the Train

Admit it, we all do it: people-watch on the T. Whether it’s during your ungodly early-morning commute to work, or your rush-hour ride home, you can’t help but be extra observant of your surroundings when aboard the MBTA. More specifically, your attention is drawn to the people you meet on the train whose very presence are essential to your everyday subway experience.

Let’s meet some of them, shall we?

1. Young, Male (probably single, but probably not looking), Professional


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We all know him. He’s tall, easy on the eyes, and his perfectly rolled-up sleeves scream “my office building has parking, but these forearms can’t be admired through tinted windows, babe.”

Definitely one of your favorite people you meet on the train, right? Right.


2. Construction (?) Worker


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He’s probably a construction worker, right? Or a boilermaker? We’re going to need some kind of name tag to avoid ignorance, please. Defining gadgets: flip phone (for durability on duty, of course), hard hat, tin lunch box (or is that a tool box? Labels are helpful).


 3. Art Student?


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“Your body is a wonderland.”

“No, it’s a canvas.”

Rad tatts, free spirit; this is who we all wish we had the balls to be—but alas, society. That’s fine though. We’ll admire from afar, as our dreams die with our dignity…because we know you know we’re staring.


4. Tired Mom of Four


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Buy her a nanny—or a coffee. This exhausted soul was up at 5 a.m. to pack four brown-bag lunches, and carefully press four checkered uniforms…and is currently making you re-think parenthood. We feel for you, supermama.


5. Tourist Family


courtesy of pixabay.com


Maps in laps, selfie-sticks in hands—they look lost, but friendly. Should you go over and—just kidding. Avoid eye contact to avoid being asked for directions.


6. People like You


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*stares at reflection in dark windows*

Yes, you are judgmental. But no, you are not alone; there are indeed others like yourself, in this very train car somewhere! But, this is your stop.


These archetypes exist within each train car, but did you know certain Lyft or Uber drivers fall into categories as well? Lucky for you, we’ve managed to narrow down all the different types of ride sharing drivers too!



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