The Different Personality Types of Ride Sharing Drivers

Ride Sharing

If you’ve been in the Boston area for quite a while, you probably know that one of the best ways to get around the bustling city (apart from the MBTA services or your personal vehicle) is by taking Lyfts and Ubers. With these ride sharing services you can not only get around the city pretty easily, but also interact with fellow Bostonians and see the city in a different way than through the good ol’ train tracks.

Incidentally, there are different types of drivers out there. Some are chatty, and others … not so much. So read on and see if you can relate it to your own experience of being a patron of these ride sharing apps (and if you happen to be a driver, see which one you fit in with the best)!

This is all for fun though, of course, so do have a lot of it while reading!



The Ninja

You get in the car and greet them and the most you’ll get is a nod and maybe a small smile. All throughout the ride, a period of awkward silence ensues because no one is willing to speak- this is The Ninja, silent but very effective. For those that are introverted, this type of driver may well be your match. Quiet as can be, yet still able to get you to where you need to go.

The Chatterbox

This type of driver is the complete opposite of the ninja. As soon as you get in, you are greeted with their enthusiastic demeanor. Not only that, within minutes of the trip, you might have already heard about how their past ride went or what happened to them throughout the day.

The great thing about these types of drivers is that even if you aren’t usually the type to talk to a stranger, that side of you will be brought out from the light-hearted nature they create for their passengers.


The Inquisitive

So, where are you from? Are you just about to go somewhere or head home? I love your shirt, where did you get it? As soon as you hop into the car, a barrage of questions start pouring in.

Not that this is a bad thing, of course. These people may actually serve as your pseudo therapists and counselors during a bad day. Because sometimes, it’s better to share your problems or even just your experiences to a person you’ve just met– and drivers like these create an avenue for you to do so.

The Educator

A walking encyclopedia with so much knowledge to share, and in just one trip you learn a lot from them- these are The Educator type!

They’re like your own personal tour guide, giving you random facts about the city (this is especially true for those drivers who happen to be born and raised in Boston). Whether it be historical or contemporary trivia, the educator have got your daily dose of brain juice covered.

The Spoiler

Getting into their car is like going into a candy store or a local grocery. The backseat is filled with chips, candies, cookies, bottles of water- you name it! As a passenger, you’ll find yourself reaching for every treat imaginable.  They spoil you with a lot of free stuff, making your ride a lot more worthwhile.

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