Pokebowl Fever: Pokeworks in Somerville

As the frozen yogurt and bubble tea fad slows down, we’re increasingly seeing a new trend in the food industry- and it’s slowly but surely, creeping its way to Boston. People are becoming more and more engrossed in the Poke bowl fever, and Bostonians aren’t immune to it.

What’s a poke bowl exactly, you ask? Well, this dish originated from Hawaii and has long been embraced as a popular way of preparing appetizers and even as entrees. The word “Poke” came from its Hawaiian etymology which means to “section” or “to slice or cut”. Going along with this logic, a poke bowl usually consists of raw fish as well as soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil as the main seasonings that makes this dish alive.

Of course, given the fact that this kind of dish is heavily influenced by both Japanese and other Asian cuisines, there is a lot of variations to a poke bowl. Which is why a lot of stores are popping up all over America, each with different adaptations as to how a poke bowl is served.

Here in Boston, two poke restaurants have just opened- and in Somerville, nonetheless.


Pokéworks, Somerville MA

Pokeworks poke bowl

If authenticity is what you’re looking for, look no further. Pokéworks serves up some of the freshest Hawaiian cuisine while making strides at keeping the ocean clean. “Poké Your Way” and create your own pokebowl, or choose one of their delicious specialty bowls. The Spicy Ahi, drizzled in Sriracha Aioli is nothing short of unbelievable.


New Sushi, Boston MA

New Sushi Poke bowl

New Sushi will surely turn you into a pokebowl believer. With incredibly fresh ingredients at an affordable price, you will not be disappointed. Choose your rice, pair it with your choice of veggies, and add whichever meat or seafood you desire. Add on some of their delicious sauces, like the spicy mayo, if you wan’t to get really crazy. New Sushi brings the fresh and exotic flavor of Japan right to Boston.


If you aren’t already on the pokebowl train, it’s time to hop aboard. This healthy and delicious fad is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

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