10 Most Popular Nightclubs in Boston plus Editor’s Reviews

Popular Boston Nightclubs

Boston has many amazing and worth visiting Night Clubs and it’s tough to sum up one absolute list of them all. We’ve gathered here a list of the top most popular Boston Nightclubs that you should give a try at least once during your stay.

1. The Tunnel

The Tunnel turns out to be the best and hottest nightclub on our list. Filled with young professionals seeking a nice hangout and always ready to rock and roll, this features a signature drink called “the tunnel”. While listening to the groove music that the DJ’s spice around here, you will find this place none less than a treat.

Location: 100 Stuart Street.

2. Underbar

Having perfect lighting and extraordinary sound system, Underbar serves one of the best cocktails and drinks. Get ready to sit down, sip your specialty drinks and have a dance partner.

Location: 279 Tremont Street.

3. Boston Crawling

If you want to have one of the most exhilarating nights out, Boston Crawling is your best bet. With this pub you will get to learn about the shining history of Boston. It is as informative as it is entertaining. Beer and history combined will lighten you up!

Location: 71 Prince Street #17.

4. Whiskey Saigon

Whiskey Saigon will also ensure you a perfect time for your night, be it with friends or your girlfriend. Its spacious venue, music and dim, amazing lighting effects that will startle you and put you in an uncontrollable dancing stance.

Location: 116 Boylston Street.

5. House of Blues Boston

Located next to our Fenway Park Stadium, talented singers take the stage and impart an amazing atmosphere and the fitting environment where you can chill out. House of Blues also has the perfect lighting and setting that any nightclub should have.

Location: 15 Lansdowne Street.

6. Icon Night Club

Icon Night Club definitely makes the list of the top 10 nightclubs due to its stylish design. They prove to be one of the best dancing spots and they present international dishes as well. Vodka, whiskey, liquor from all around the world is available at their “bar step”.

Location: 100 Warrenton Street

7. Royale

The Royale Nightclub hosts delightful music in the evenings and strong rock and roll parties in the late night part. Perfect place to dance to hip hop music and go wild for the weekend!

Location: 279 Tremont Street.

8. Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside has glass windows stretching all across the walls. What’s more intriguing is that, one can enjoy a jaw-dropping view of the river in the evening. How that dark blue sky turns orange near the surface of the Earth. How that Sun sets and mixes vibrant combinations. It is just incomprehensible.

Location: 270 Northern Avenue.

9. Machine Nightclub

The list should care for all the creatures and creeds. Machine Nightclub is made especially for gays. With DJ’s brilliant collection and play in the room, it fills with an amazing environment for the target individuals.

Location: 1254 Boylston Street.

10. Havana Club

If you are feeling the urge to dance and dance over the top then Havana Club should be your destination target. They give the best dancing environment and amazing collection of music. Hip hop, romantic, salsa, almost every genre is played and dance with in Havana club.

Location: 288 Green Street.

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