3 Quaint Boston Markets You Should Visit More Often

The local markets of Boston are a great way to find affordable groceries and products while exploring true Boston at the same time. Almost everything can be bought and bargained allowing you to come home with your bags full of fresh deals.


Farmers Market at Haymarket:

Haymarket provides a frugal source of produce to all of the local families of Boston. Huge selections with economical prices are put forward for the customers who rush to be there at each Friday and Saturday. Purchasing the same amount from a supermarket would cost you about 3 to 4 times more than what you would pay here at the Farmers Market. The venders are able to sell for much less due to their fruits and vegetables being from the wholesalers who need to sell out and clear their warehouses to make room for more. You can be in and out of there with fresh veggies by easy access from the Orange Line or park at only a $1 per hour rate.

Farmers also sell their freshly grown produce for as cheap as $1 for 5 peppers and spend each hardworking second with devotion. Meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy supplies are sold here and bargained for every Saturday from 8am to 2pm.


Boston Public Market:

A fun place for everybody, Boston Public Market can be found at 100 Hanover Street Boston, MA. From freshly made bouquets to apple cider donuts, this place is worth exploring. You can stroll around, browse the stalls, and chat with friendly staff. The wide selection of meals at Red Apple Farm can be a treat for you as well as your friends and family. Not forgetting about the kids, they have a play area too. Boston Public Market is clean with a fun hustle and is a great place to stop by while doing some shopping.

DeLucas on Newbury:

Established in 1905, DeLucas sells all types of cheeses and wines, groceries and gourmet sauces. Their variety of food doesn’t just end there. They also prepare nice dishes on display like lasagna, pizzas, and plenty of sweets including Kinder Bueno chocolates. There is also a separate sandwich corner, which presents a range of different sandwiches with scores of combinations. The prices are not as low as the Public Market or Farmers market, but being international, they have a great variety.


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