Raphael Brickman – Founder of Eat Drink Media Group

Raphael Brickman has a love for food that has only grown and intensified over the years. Refusing to ignore this passion, he combined his writing and marketing skills with his love for food, thus creating Eat Drink Media Group.

Eat Drink Media Group is a company that helps market restaurants and eateries. Brickman assists clients with design, marketing, publishing, photography, and anything else that he feels will better promote their brand and food.

“I want to follow my passion and make this a goal of mine to focus on what I really love which is food and drink the photography and the branding,” Brickman said.

Brickman grew up in Cambridge and since then, has moved all over. Due to his extensive traveling, he’s been able to draw inspiration from food in several different places.

He went to school for design and photography and always considered himself an artist. He utilized these skills when he was hired at Rhythm Music Magazine in Cambridge.

After working there for a period of time, he worked at a marketing agency, and then began work at MetroWest, Newton and Brookline magazines. While there, he focused on creating “dining out” articles and learned a lot about food and photographing food.

During this time, he also got married off the coast of Italy. While in Italy, he was greatly inspired by the Italian food there and desperately wanted to learn to recreate the pasta and pasta sauce he had there.

“I had to learn how to make homemade pasta. I had the urge to make that same taste come back home to us,” Brickman said.

While all of these past jobs had been fulfilling, he decided to combine all of the skills and knowledge that he had obtained and truly pursue his passion by starting Eat Drink Media Group.

Along with his love for food, he also loves cooking it.

When he was younger, his mother wasn’t a great cook. It was only on Fridays, when his grandmother would cook him chicken, that he would taste good food.

His lack of enthusiasm for his mother’s cooking led him to cook most of his own meals himself as a teenager. What began as him making simple dishes, like guacamole, turned into him realizing that he really had a knack for it.

He is now picky about who enters his kitchen. His wife gives suggestions for meals and he always takes them, but other than that, he doesn’t allow anyone else in his kitchen.

Along with his wife, who he calls the rock of the family, Brickman’s family is composed of two sons, Issac and Samuel.

“We do things together, there’s no boss in the family, it’s just sort of like teamwork,” Brickman said.

His plans for the future include expanding Eat Drink Media Group and localizing the company for each city and area.

“People want more than just the product and the food; they want more. They’re looking for something interesting and a story behind it,” Brickman said. And he aims to bring that to them.

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