More Than a Game: 7 things at Fenway that will Never Change

Like everything else, our beloved Fenway Park is ever changing and dynamic. But, there are a few things about our home baseball field that will always stay the same. Check out the seven things you are guaranteed to see at every Red Sox game, including a special bonus!

1. Boston Citgo Sign

Boston Citgo Sign

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The Citgo sign built in 1940 has become a Boston landmark due to its astonishing presence in the background of every Red Sox game. Not only are you sure to see this sign at Fenway Park, but we can promise you, it’s impossible to miss!

2. A drunk fan fight

One thing you should know before you step foot in Fenway is NOT to mess with a Red Sox fan. You are always sure to see a drunk fight between two fans, whether it be over team loyalty or someone standing up during a play.

3. The Green Monstah

The Green Monster

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The Green Monster is the nickname for the 37’2″ high left field wall at Fenway Park, the tallest left field wall of them all! This wall has withstood many a-beating from right-handed hitters; but just like Fenway Park, the Green Monster will never die.

4. Rowdy fans belting Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

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There is no better feeling than embracing your friends and family while belting the lyrics to Sweet Caroline at the top of your lungs. Fenway Park plays this happy tune every 7th inning stretch, so you’ll never miss the opportunity to sing along with thousands of the Red Sox’s biggest fans.

5. That token Yankees fan

Yankees and Red Sox fans

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It doesn’t matter who the Red Sox are playing, there is always that ‘token Yankees fan’ in the crowd. They wont admit it, but Fenway is the best baseball stadium around, and they know it’s true because why else would they be there!?

6. An appearance by a retired player

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Jim Rice, Tim Wakefield, and Jason Varitek are all former beloved Red Sox players known to make an appearance at Fenway Park. Catch these old timers reminiscing about the glory days, and maybe even get an autograph or two!

7. A Nomar Garciaparra jersey

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Although Nomar Garciaparra was traded by the Red Sox back in 2004, he still remains in the hearts of Red Sox fans everywhere. At any given game you are sure to see fans carrying on Garciaparra’s legacy by wearing his jersey.

*Bonus: If the Red Sox win, look forward to seeing a “win, dance, repeat” and be prepared to sing Dirty Water

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…Boston, you’re my home.

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