Responses to This Free Burrito Tweet Restored Our Faith in Boston

Boston Tweet

Earlier today, one of Boston’s biggest social influencers, @BostonTweet, sent out a fairly exciting post about a box of free burritos.

boston tweet

We can’t say we were too surprised by this type of tweet.  He’s been promoting the Boston-based company, boloco, for quite some time.

As we thought about the possibility of him sharing those burritos with us, something caught us off guard. An outpouring of responses, that is. But not a mass of “pick me, bring me free food,” responses that we normally expect from this kind of social contest.

After reading countless articles on the struggles of the city’s homeless population this winter, we were thrilled to find a flurry of kind-hearted, concerned Boston citizens who thought to themselves: there are some people here who need it more.



boston tweet


boston tweet


boston tweet


boston tweet


The lack of appropriate shelter during these harsh winter weeks has been a hot topic of conversation in the city. After South Station decided to keep its doors open 24/7 to help the situation, it became more apparent that shelter space is still a significant problem.

These responses quickly restored our faith though, proving this city is #BostonStrong during any situation—even during a big burrito giveaway. We can only hope this box goes to the right people.



We love to see the good in our city and love to see all the incredible inspiration in it. Don’t miss this story of one Boston homeless man’s hope, art, and creativity.




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