Sarah: Discovering Innovation

Tell us about your work with Tech Generation and New England Venture Capital! What do you do for them?

I run Tech Generation which is a program connecting hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students with local tech startups through internships as well as social and educational events.  We launched the program in late February 2015 so it’s been a busy couple of months but we’ve learned a lot and have a great community of companies and students who are participating!

TechGen is part of the NEVCA’s greater mission to make New England the best place to start and grow new companies.  These companies need talent to grow and scale so TechGen helps startups access a pipeline of bright and ambitious students who are looking to jumpstart their careers.


How did you get involved in tech startups?

My junior year in college I interned with a non-profit organization focused on community building in Boston and connecting people, primarily startups, entrepreneurs, etc. It was my first foray (albeit somewhat tangentially) into the startup world.  After a short stint in private banking, I wanted to do build something, learn a lot and make a difference.  I found this opportunity with the NEVCA and it’s been exactly what I was looking for – the community, the opportunity and the challenge.


What events are coming up in the greater Boston area that you’re excited about?

I’m really excited about all the events we’ve got lined up with TechGen. I’ve been organizing them – I know the speakers, the locations, topics, etc. and everything is so cool!  Urban Beach is our biggest event of the summer. It’s going to be an awesome, casual meetup for students, startups and VCs to come together for hot dogs and baggo!

I can’t wait to go to my first SOWA market one of these weekends.  I’ve heard it’s amazing and I love outdoor markets so I’m excited to check it out.


How do you want your work to help students?

I want to help students plug into Boston and discover all the innovative companies and people who are here.  I didn’t even know about these companies as an undergrad – I was living in a bubble.  My hope is that through TechGen students will discover startups, find internships and build active professional and social networks. They’ll meet their roommates, co-founders, future boss, kickball team, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.


What are your other hobbies outside of work?

I’m an evening MBA Student at Babson so my time for hobbies is limited. But these days, I’m a workout class fanatic. I love going to hot yoga in South Boston (the Thursday night class is my favorite), barre classes, pilates, etc..  I also love being on the water, too. In the summer I spend a lot of time on the South Shore paddle boarding or sailing.  I have a puppy and the best way to get her tired is to get her on the water!

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