5 Ways to Spend Your Single Summer ’17

No summer fling? No problem! Don’t waste beautiful days sulking around, when you can be outside, soaking up the sun of a perfect summer in Boston. Lucky for you single lads and ladies, your reliable source, IM Boston has crafted your perfect guide to the most chill (and drama-free) summer as a single guy/gal in Beantown.

1. People-watch at the Public Garden


courtesy of friendsofthepublicgarden.org

Boston Public Garden is a truly magical place. Together, its swan boats, elaborate fountains, and gorgeous natural life form one of Boston’s most beloved sites. And of course with beauty, comes admirers (a.k.a. tourists spending their summer in Boston, in addition to residents of the city)—thus, deeming the Public Garden one of Boston’s prime people-watching spots. Yes, it’s weird to admit to out loud, but people-watching is natural (and honestly therapeutic); so why not set aside a time and place for #MeTime?


2. Read in the Boston Public Library courtyard


courtesy of carolinewinnphotography.com

The Boston Public Library’s courtyard is often a hidden, or overlooked gem. While it is another stunning spot in the city, its sheer serenity (as it is generally pretty quiet) can also make for a perfectly peaceful, and refreshing afternoon with Austen, or Bronte (or even Ms. E.L. James—we don’t judge).

p.s. Keep an eye out for bpl’s FREE concerts in the courtyard this summer 


3. Me, myself, and museums


courtesy of classicaladdiction.com

There’s nothing like some good ‘ol museum hopping to soothe the single soul—and Boston’s super accessible museums are perfect for the job.

In the mood to be mind-blown? Hop on the green line, and head to the science museum for an exciting (and educational) summer in Boston! A definite must see: lightning show (free with admission).

Think science is worse than being single?  Maybe you need some art for that healing heart; The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is renowned for its extensive, elaborate collections and exhibits. 

(Note: don’t miss free admission for all on July 21, 2017!)


4. Window shop (or actually shop) on Newbury


courtesy of: Pinterest.com

Retail therapy is the name of every single’s game. This might require breaking the bank, but it’s better than a broken heart, right? Right! And what better place to act (or at least pretend to act) on your materialistic impulses than on Newbury street? Lined with typically high-end, and seemingly endless shops, Newbury street is the perfect place to spend some quality time and money on Y-O-U.

And if the thought of splurging sounds more like a stress-inducer than a stress-reliever, I recommend my personal favorite Newbury street game plan: Ben & Jerry’s and window shopping—ex-bae may have let you down, but ice cream never will.


5. Don’t catch feelings, catch a free fitness class!


courtesy of bu.edu

If focusing on you means focusing on physical health and happiness this summer, you can get fit for free! Head over to the Charles River Esplanade to catch a free zumba, yoga, or body bootcamp class, at no cost at all. This is a sure way to not only get in a good workout, but also have fun—10/10 would recommend!

Have a craving for more activities you could dip your toes into? Why not check out these childhood activities reinvented as adult hobbies! Who said you needed a significant other to do these things? We surely didn’t!

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