5 of The Best Ski Resorts In New England

If  winter storm Stella has taught us anything, it’s that though the raging winds and the snow that the winter season brings can be a little scary and intimidating, there is always sunshine after the rain! (or snow, in this case) In other words- the snow can also be beautiful and fun to play around in once things settle. If you think about it, the weather is what makes living in the New England area pretty unique. Which is why you should take advantage of the areas great ski resorts!

Whether you love it or hate it, this is what we as Bostonians have to live through every day. No one likes all the extra chores we have to do when snow piles up, but isn’t it amazing to think that we live near these five awesome destinations?

So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip for you, your family and friends and hit up these five spots asap!

New England’s Best Ski Resorts

1. Jay Peak’s Hotel (Jay, Vermont)

jay ski resorts

photo courtesy of: http://thesnowway.com

Hotel Jay offers a lot to its patrons and makes sure you get the best for what you pay for. For one, guests love the view and say that both the hotel rooms and the cottages available are great to stay in. (fyi: if you’re staying in the hotel itself, the slope-view room is the best view around)

But the main attraction of this whole place (other than the classic slopes of course) is the water park. The Pump House Waterpark is an indoor recreational park available for the whole family- even during those cold days. The best part of the day, for most guests, is getting to relax in the pools after a whole day of being up on the hills and the slopes. So don’t forget to get your passes the Pump House when you stay here!

2. Mountain Club on Loon (Lincoln, New Hampshire)

Mountain Club on Loon ski resorts

photo courtesy of: http://mtnclub.com

One thing’s for sure- The Mountain Club on Loon has one of the most stunning view out of all the surrounding ski resorts in the area. So if you’re looking for a nice, relaxing resort that has a serene feel to it, then this is the place to be! The panoramic large windows in the rooms and the Mountain views give customers the most breathtaking experience.

Another noteworthy thing about this resort is that it has amazing customer service, and the staff definitely listen to their guests well- apart from the rad slopes surrounding the place, of course!

3. Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel (Carrabassett Valley, Maine)

Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel ski resorts

photo courtesy of: http://sugarloaf.com/

Not only is this resort located strategically so you’d be close to all the ski lifts available, there is also a restaurant nearby that is legendary for its breakfast buffet. Other than skiing, guests can also hike around or even go zip lining (when the weather permits it, of course). If not- then going into the clean and well-maintained hot tubs is a great way to unwind as well!

4. Killington Grand Resort Hotel (Killington, Vermont)

Killington Grand Resort Hotel ski resorts

photo courtesy of: https://bookit.killington.com/

The best way to describe the Killington Grand is that you can be as active or as relaxed as you want to be. There are a lot of things to do around there, and they even provides guests with shuttles to get around the area. We heard there is a new restaurant around town that serves the most scrumptious food as Wobbly Barn steakhouse is slowly becoming a fan favorite by the guests of the Killington, so make sure to stop by for a meal (or two) too!

5. Grand Summit Resort Hotel (Newry, Maine)

Grand Summit Hotel ski resorts

photo courtesy of: http://travel.gunaxin.com/

If you’re looking for something a little bit on a casual, less-luxurious but still get great value for your money then the Grand Summit Hotel may well be the best choice. Stay in cozy cabins and enjoy the ski resorts’ many amenities- such as an outdoor heated pool, hot tub, spa services and even a fully equipped gym.

The best part? Staying in this place also means that you’ll be just 50 feet away from the awesome slopes. How’s that for getting more than what you paid for!

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