Hidden Spots | Swampscott, Massachusetts

Swampscott, Massachusetts, have you ever heard of it? If not, don’t worry, IM Boston is here to tell you about this gem of a seaside town and give you some great excuses to visit!


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You’ll be in awe the moment you cross the town line from Lynn into Swampscott. The breathtaking ocean and dancing sailboats will leave you mesmerized, but try to keep your eyes on the road! Swampscott is located on the North Shore, only 15 miles up the coast from Boston. In fact, the stunning Boston skyline is still visible from across the water. The tranquil seaside community is more than just a pretty sight- but the perfect environment to raise a family as well. In fact, most of Swampscott’s residents have lived in the town for generations. What can we say, no one really wants to leave this Massachusetts gem! Swampscott is home to multi-million-dollar real estate and even richer ocean front views. The abundance of distressed shingled homes contributes to the the town’s Cape Cod atmosphere.

Although we can assure you, Swampscott’s views never grow boring- there is plenty to do in town to keep yourself entertained! The beautiful beaches at the center of town provide space to do everything from going on a run, riding your bike, getting a gorgeous tan, taking a dip in the water, or even playing Spike ball with your friends. Feeling adventurous? There is plenty of room to hike and explore in Swampscott. Wait until low tide to access hidden spots that only the locals know about. swampscott

If you have time, take a short drive to the nearby Marblehead Neck where you’ll find yourself looking at arguably the best view in all of Massachusetts.Wait! Believe it or not, there is still more to do! If you’re dying to get out on the water, Ocean House Surf Shop offers surfing, paddle boarding, and sailing classes! Also, if you have a yacht, which if you do PLEASE let us know… Swampscott has their own yacht club which also serves as the perfect venue for weddings and celebrations!


All this beauty and fun could really make someone hungry… So for a quick fix call up Captains and order one of their delicious Calzones. If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, Mission on the Bay has mouthwatering seafood and yummy drinks, but most importantly an unreal view from their spacious upper deck. (PS- Don’t forget to make a reservation!) And hey, if you still have room for dessert, Kells Kreme and Newman’s Bakery will soothe your sweet tooth. Are you still unsure if Swampscott is worth the visit? Well, if we can’t convince you, maybe the Governor can! It just so happens that the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker, resides in Swampscott! Yeah, that’s right. Out of every town in Massachusetts, the Governor lives in this hidden place. (Remember to hit the breaks while driving by, a patrol car always sits outside!)

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