Taylyse the Traveler

Taylyse is a local Bostonian with a passion for travel, Caribbean culture, television ads.

What has been your life’s greatest achievement?

Making my parents and myself proud, being a positive role model to my younger sisters and other youth in the community, and staying determined, motivated, and focused on whatever my goals or aspirations may be are my greatest achievements in life. I grew up in Ashmont in Dorchester, graduated from Boston Latin Academy, so I was an inner city girl the majority of my life. Boston is an amazing city but it could be challenging staying focus and not getting involved in the wrong crowds. But I kept a good head on my shoulders, I stayed active in my community and it has taken me far in life.


Tell us a story – any funny incident or something that motivated you or taught you a lesson

One day back when I was a teenager, I was hanging out with one of my friends after school and we were planning to go to her house before we headed to mine. This guy that I was ‘dating’ at that time lived in the same neighborhood so I asked if it was okay for him to stop by. DUMB MOVE. So he did. My friend didn’t think her parents would be coming home until early evening. But to our surprise, we heard her mom turn the key and walk through the door.

We immediately freaked out and ended up hiding the guy in a back room that led to the hallway to outside. We ended up getting him out of the house without her mom noticing. And as we are outside after mission almost impossible was complete, we gave each other the biggest high-five EVER. Then we look to the left and we see her step-father in the car. He had witnessed everything. Even though I can giggle at the situation now, I still cringe a little just thinking about that day. What this incident taught me was to never high-five after thinking you got away with something mischievous, you’ll just jinx yourself and get in trouble!


What are your hobbies?

I LOVE TO TRAVEL, especially to tropical places. Since my friends are always poking fun at me asking me am I going to be in the country on this day and asking for advice about places I have been, I decided to start my own travel blog back in April of this year, le247voyageur.com, which I am super excited about it. The site will showcase my travel experience and other travel related posts such as tips and in addition it can be used as a resource for travel coordination and booking. Even though it is in its infancy and still being developed, it is my baby and I honestly cannot wait to see it grow over time!

My other big hobby is playin’ mas, jumpin up, wining down, wukin up, and participating in West Indian/Caribbean Carnivals! My great-grandfather was of Bajan descent and my great-grandmother is of Antiguan descent, so the Caribbean blood is in my veins. I have always loved the Caribbean culture. It’s so vibrant and full of life. The food, the music, and the people are one of a kind. So far, I’ve played in Boston, Barbados, and Trinidad Carnival. I plan to play in Miami later this year, London next year for my 25th birthday, Jamaica, Antigua, Atlanta, Hollywood, Grenada, maybe New York sometime in the future. I’m sure my list will be longer by the end of this year. During Carnival you can let go of all your inhibitions, just be free and dance on the road. It’s a euphoric feeling that cannot be fully described it can only be experienced 🙂


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