The Best Karaoke Bars in Boston

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Admit it: karaoke is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of all time. Who doesn’t love being the star of their own show while maybe (or maybe not, if you were blessed with actual vocal capabilities) making a complete fool of themselves?  That’s right, no one!

So whether you admit it to yourself or not, you know you love grabbing hold of that mic and singing your heart out like no one’s listening. And do you know what’s better than plain old karaoke? You guessed it—drunk karaoke!  Here’s a list of the best karaoke bars in Boston (in no particular order) that your superstar self must make an appearance at ASAP.

1. Limelight Stage & Studio

204 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

Set right in the middle of town, Limelight is pretty hard to miss; and if you’re a karaoke queen/king, it should definitely be buzzing on your radar. The stage is usually open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night with admission depending on the event of the night. Not only that, Limelight is equipped with touch-screen kiosks where you can conveniently select your song, and be added to the list of performers.


2. The Bell In Hand Tavern


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Make history at the oldest tavern in America! Set in historic Faneuil Hall, The Bell in Hand Tavern is somewhat of an unexpected karaoke spot for city-goers- but a great one nonetheless. Karaoke at the Bell in Hand is usually a Tuesday night event, although private events can certainly be scheduled at the two-floor venue.

3. The Hong Kong

65 Chatham Street, Boston MA

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The Hong Kong is adored by many, and for a good reason too. This karaoke bar/dance club/scorpion bowl kingdom guarantees a good night every night. Come by to sing your heart out every night of the week; and be sure to take part in the HK’s monthly (every last Thursday of every month) karaoke contest for the chance to win $100!

4. Courtside Restaurant & Pub

291 Cambridge Street, Cambridge MA 02141

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Ever been courtside? Well now you can! The Courtside in Cambridge caters to not only its surrounding college community, but also all who venture in—whether it’s for Monday night happy hour, or karaoke nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). And did someone mention a green screen photo booth? It’s a done deal.

5. dbar

1236 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester MA

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dbar is a popular fully functioning restaurant during the day that transforms into a lively club/lounge/karaoke bar by night. Come by for some fine dining, and a good time at one of Boston’s most noteworthy night joints.

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