The Breeze Team Boys: Born To Entertain The World

“We feel the love out here in Boston more,” said Breeze Team Entertainment.

There’s never a single dull moment in Boston’s Faneuil Hall! This afternoon, we bumped into Chris and the rest of the boys from Breeze Team Entertainment. With so much talent in Beantown, somebody’s got to tap it!

Here’s what they are all about!


What is Breeze Team Entertainment all about?

We do breakdance choreography, acrobatics, comedy, basketball tricks, basically street performance and entertainment!

Where are you guys from?

We’re from New York. We travel in the summertime and we’ve been coming to Boston for over 20 years. Every summer we visit Boston from June to beginning of September and then back to New York.


What do you like about Boston?

It’s cool, it’s different! You know, people appreciate you more in this city. Dancing out here than in New York is different. There are so many dance groups out in New York and people there have seen it all so it’s harder for them to appreciate you. Whereas in Boston, people don’t see it as much so when they see it, they love it! We feel the love in Boston.


How many people in your group?

Right now it’s nine of us. There’s a few of us here, the rest are still in New York and are coming back here for the summer.


What’s the best trick that you do guys?

We can do a leap. I can twist my neck backwards. Each and everybody has their own special individual talent that they bring to the table.


So I see all ages out here! What is the age group like?

There’s no strict age group. We have all ages from 5-6 years. We have someone who started when he was 4 years old.


So do you do this professionally, all year?

Yes. We do this all year but we stop in January-February because those are the coldest months so we’re back with our families then. We start again in March until December.


Where are your future performances?

So the majority of time you can catch us at Faneuil Hall. If not, we’ll be near Marriott, by the Aquarium.


 Tell me something that Boston people need to know about you guys?

Umm… We’re just a group of positive people. People think that we might be intimidating because of the way we look and dress but we’re positive. We love making people laugh and bringing humor, that’s all. This just keeps us out of trouble. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and it’s a blessing!

We’ll see you guys soon!


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