The Patriots Win Without Tom Brady (Again!)

the patriots

The Patriots: 27

Houston Texans: 0

Let’s be honest here folks- we all love The Patriots as a team.  But we’ve been pretty nervous about these first four games without our golden child, Tom Brady. Yet our cherished team along with Bill Belichick continues to shock us time and time again with glorious victories, and last night’s blow out against the Houston Texans was no exception. 

After the promising second string quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo got injured, we found ourselves in a familiar predicament this game: a fresh new quarterback with an overwhelming amount of expectations and pressure from an anxious fan base. Third string rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett did not disappoint. He rushed 46 yards on seven carries, which included a 27-yard touchdown in the first quarter. He threw just 106 yards. Nevertheless he stayed cool, calm and collected. 

the patriots


The Texan defense looked tired and worn out by the second quarter. The Pats held the ball for 10 minutes in the third. Then, the special teams recovered two fumbles from the Texan kickoffs. There was almost no point in the game that the Patriots were not dominating Houston.

Gronkowski was mainly just used as a blocker last night. So, he didn’t have much action time. Giving Gronk time to recover was a smart move, since the team will have build up a tremendous amount of confidence by the time he is ready to play again (and the same goes for Brady). The next game is at Foxborough again, this time against the Bills. It’s likely the team that has won the past three games without those two can do it again at least once more. 

Coach Bill Belichick has taken this four-game challenge as an opportunity to prove that the Patriots are not just a team based around a franchise player in Brady. We wouldn’t have him anywhere else, but we can cope without him. When Brady does come back, it will be with a vengeance on an NFL organization that did him wrong. This is going to be a fun season.

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