Three Best Southeast Asian Restaurants

In recent years, the number of international students grew to almost one million, with the largest cluster hailing from Asia. With this, it isn’t a surprise that there are many restaurants around serving Asian food to cater to these groups of students. The dishes from this region have been increasingly popular not only with the locals but with Westerners as well.

Oftentimes though people resort to scrumptious Chinese and Japanese dishes to satiate their cravings, and if you are one of them then you are truly missing out. In fact, here are some restaurants to broaden your options the next time you’re looking for dishes to satisfy your longing for Asian food!


Location: 177 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115

 Pho Basil

Pho Basil can definitely be your go-to place when you’re in search for the best Pho in town! Although this restaurant is technically a fusion between Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, Pho Basil prides itself on having the best Pho broths in the whole city. Looking through reviews alone will tell you how much customers are satisfied with the taste of this very popular Vietnamese dish.

From Pho Chay (Vegetarian type of Pho), to Dac Biet (the famous beef noodles) and even to Tom Cua (seafood noodle soup) as well as stir fry dishes, this place has numerous options to cater to whatever kind of craving you have! With their big servings for a low price, Pho Basil has got your Vietnamese cravings covered.


REPRESENTING MALAYSIA – Penang Malaysian Cuisine

Location: 685 Washington St Boston, MA 02111

PENANG's (3)

Malaysian cuisine generally reflects the multiethnic background of the country. This means that their dishes can range from different kinds of curry dishes, to coconut rice, and chicken that resembles Hainanese cooking. One of their best sellers is the curry beef brisket casserole dish, as well as their nasi goreng dish (noodle dish in Malaysian shrimp paste with your choice of either beef, pork or chicken).

Penang Malaysian offers the different dishes mentioned and more! This restaurant is also popular for their desserts. We recommend you try the fried ice cream and shaved ice with red bean bowls.




Location: 143 Water St, Quincy, MA 02169



This quaint establishment was founded back in 2007. Its roots lie in a food catering business that serves only authentic Filipino food. Although Boston does not have sizable Filipino population, this place is always packed with people!

Indeed there are specials of the day that may change on a daily basis. Its staple dishes however, are Kare-Kare (Filipino style beef stew), Pinoy bbq (skewered, grilled meat on a stick), Sisig (sizzling pork dish) and Fried Tilapia.

There is a reason why JnJ has been around despite the small amount of Filipinos. This reason is that it is well-loved by the whole community, no matter what race they belong to.

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