Time to Be Romantic: Where to Date on Boston Valentine’s Day

Have you met with someone that you just can’t get off your mind? Or are you a couple looking for interesting places this Valentine’s? February 14th brings love in the air, and in a beautiful place like Boston, who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with their loved one?

 1. Set Sail!

Nothing beats a delightful dance on the deck of a cruise with a glass of wine in the hand and your loved one in your arms. A special dinner is being hosted by The Spirit of Boston that will take you all the way around the Boston Harbor and enrich your evening. You can sail on the smooth waves as your heart drenches in your feelings.

 2. The Beehive

Featuring live music, brunches, champagne and much more, The Beehive of South Boston is best suited for young couples. Prioritized for girlfriends, it’s a mix of romance and enjoyment for them. They are also celebrating a 5-day festival from February 10th to the 14th, so don’t forget to check in.

3. Blow Some Glass

If you have never earned a chance to do some glassblowing, here is your opportunity. It might not be geared towards a Valentine’s Day outing, but at least you’ll have something new and you can always top it off with some romantic dinner afterwards. Diablo Glass School will not only be hosting this event but there is also a wine tasting scheduled for the evening too.

4. Aura Restaurant

Most of the restaurants in Boston are offering special menus and deals, but we have selected Aura Restaurant. You can have roasted sea scallops, champagne and tenderloin with just about $135 bucks. The restaurant has its own website too and you can check their menus here: http://www.aurarestaurant.com

5. Abby Lane

The most common location for spending a Valentine’s Day doesn’t go off the list. They have delicious delicacy of Louisiana Lump Crab Cake, Diablo Burger, Pizza Trume, Pan Roasted Sea Scallops and a lot more. What is unique about Abby Lane is that they care for those with no sweetie at all. We all know that singles at least on this day feel so down when they see couples going out. Abby Lane celebrates a “Broken Heart Bash”. So for those who stumbled upon this post by mistake, here you go.

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