Timothy Walsh – Captures the Best Moment of Life

Boston-based photographer

Timothy is a Boston-based photographer who doesn’t just take photos but captures the best moments of a person’s life. Learn more about his philosophy of life.

“When I am taking photos I try to capture the scene so that someone can envision themselves in the moment as if they were there.”

Can you tell me about your background?

My name is Timothy Walsh, I generally go by Timmy and recently started using TJ as well. I am originally from Cape Cod. I was born there and lived for 19 years until I moved around to a few places over the next 7 years, including Florida and Pennsylvania. I have been in the Boston area since 2013, where I am a full-time Union Pipefitter.


When and why did you start photography?

My photography career began with the purchase of my first DSLR in the fall of 2013. I always carried a disposable with me since I was a teenager so being “the guy with the camera” was not something new for me. I started my own photography business in January of 2015. It has grown not in ways that I was expecting but I really didn’t have any expectations when I made the leap. I knew I would have a professional camera on a boating trip borrowing a camera from a friend to be the photographer for everyone water-skiing. Snapshotting someone with water droplets frozen in time is what did it for me.


Can you share an unforgettable story happened during your life as a photographer?

I traveled with a friend of mine to Alaska for 8 days this past winter. Alaska was always near the top of my bucket list but photography brought the dream to reality. Having the ability to take professional photos in a place that’s breathtaking meant I had no excuse. I saw bald eagles in the wild, moose, sea otters swimming freely, traveled beneath a glacier, and topped it off with experiencing the Aurora Borealis above the tallest mountain in North America. A trip I will never forget!


Where do you think is the most beautiful place in Boston? Why?

My favorite location in Boston is the Fan Pier Harborwalk near Boston Harbor Hotel. I am attracted to the cobblestones, anchor chains, contrasting heights and window arrangements on the buildings. On top of that, the sky is different on a daily basis creating a new scene unique to that location only.
(following up with this I did a photo-a-day at Fan Pier for my website and Facebook page http://www.tjwalshphoto.com/31-Shots-of-Fan-Pier/i-trWzLMR/A)


Is there anything you want to say or express with your photographs? And how do you get your photographs to do that?

When I am taking photos I try to capture the scene so that someone can envision themselves in the moment, as if they were there. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets very much and try to duplicate the experience in my photographs. Using the right camera settings, and through filtration, I can do just that and essentially paint a photo with my knowledge and camera equipment.


Do you have any story funny, touching, or important to you that you’d like to share with us?

So something funny about me is that I often find myself the center of attention. I enjoy making people laugh along with me. I attend frequent meet ups with local Instagrammers around Boston. One of my talents is to backflip off of a tree or wall. I have gotten people to take their camera out of their bag or case who normally to go to the instameets to socialize because they’ve never seen anyone walk up a wall and backflip off it. If I can get someone to use their camera when they maybe would not have? I’m  a happy person.


What are your passions in life?

My passions in life are to never say to myself later in life “I wish I had done that.” I want to capture and experience and enjoy everything life has to offer and take every opportunity to embrace that aspiration. Be it learn something new and interesting, travel to somewhere you saw in a magazine or even listen to a local band you heard someone rave about. One of my friends who is a big music buff came up with the slogan “life is short. Play it loud” I can’t agree more.


What does Boston mean to you? How is it different from other places?

Boston is the city where it all started. We’re historic and loyal. It’s one of the oldest places in the country, with many “firsts” in the United States. On top of that, we’re proud to have all of that. We’re technologically advanced and at the same time nostalgic to our roots. Tourists may say it’s tough to get around because we’re not a grid city. But you know what maybe we did it that way on purpose so you would get lost in our city someplace amazing and unique that you couldn’t find in a brochure. Our accent isn’t an accent. We were here first, so to us, everyone else has an accent.



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