Here’s How to Survive Frigid Boston Weather

So you’re new to New England, huh? We bet you’ve heard a lot about the notorious Boston weather, and the impending cold weather that will come sooner than you think.

If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced a lot, and we mean, a ton – of snow in their lives then you’re in for a treat. The city of Boston has seen some of the worst snow days in history. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be too intimidated by the daunting idea that snow is scary. Just equip yourself with the right gear, and keep these four tips in mind.

Layering Is Key

We cannot stress this enough. First and foremost, purchasing some thermal innerwear will be of great help to you. The key is to find the right material that works well with the cold weather, and build up from there. Oftentimes it’s not the snow that would be detrimental, but the cold wind that envelops the city.

The key to cold weather survival is to have clothes that are of wool, fleece or cotton materials, as these are some of the best options to reach for whenever you’re doing your pre-winter shopping. Start with thermal innerwear, your sweater of choice and top it off with a reliable coat and you’re good! Keep in mind to pay attention to your legs as well, and wear thermal leggings underneath even if you’re opting for denim jeans.

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Purchasing the Perfect Pair of Snow Boots

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There are a lot of things you should consider in finding the perfect pair of winter boots. The most crucial one being that it needs to provide your feet the warmth it deserves, especially when you expect to be treading over icy paths. It is important to keep in mind as well that if you’ll be commuting with the boots, you must find a pair that’s light on the feet and one that would fit comfortably.

Snow boots that use waterproof material is essential as well, especially because ice will eventually turn into its original, water form when it melts. Another pro tip to survive chilly Boston weather is to always keep a pair of socks handy in your bag just in case your feet get soaked!


Buying hot packs, lots of them

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In the Eastern part of the world, hot packs are more than a novelty item, but they can be a key factor in keeping you warm during the frigid Boston weather. These hot packs are readily available through Amazon, and though small, these items pack the heat in quite literally. Keep some in your bag handy, or even put a working one in your jacket pocket and it’ll be warm and toasty for your hands.

Making Sure You’re Paying Attention to the Boston Weather Channel

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Whether it’s the weather channel, a weather app or just simply googling it- it’s best to be prepared. Paying attention through these different platforms allow you to plan ahead and dress accordingly.

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