Brady’s Back Baby!

tom brady

Patriots: 33           Browns: 13

This season has been dubbed the “Tom Brady Revenge Tour” and after yesterdays game, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate title. We’ve been waiting for this one for what feels like a lifetime and it was as good a game as we could have hoped for, with a few recognized areas for improvement. With his suspension over, Tom Brady threw 406 magnificent yards and helped the team to score three touchdowns.

Two short touchdown passes to Bennett in the first half and another in the third quarter locked things down fairly well, leaving a score of 30-7 in the Patriots favor at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Like we said though, a couple things could use some work. Brady overshot a pass to Julian Edelman that could have been another touchdown.





In the post-game press conference, Brady spoke on how he felt “rusty”. He was looking pretty sharp to us, but his statements in that interview tell us he is just getting started with his leading assault on the NFL teams that dare to play against us and that he only plans to train harder and get better. Brady handed the ball often to a diverse roster this game, including Bronkowski, a play which gained a solid 37 yards.

Now that the suspension is over, the intelligence of Bellichick and Brady are on full display and in retrospect it is possible that that suspension period was ultimately a good thing for the team. Hear me out. Looking at how diverse and involved the Patriots incorporated the entire team in the game yesterday, they have recognized the need to make an even more well rounded and integrated team. Everyone is essential, but there is a plan in place that incorporated the specialized talents and relationships between the players on the field more than ever before.

More than ever, the Patriots are a team with a great roster, but with an overarching plan to stay away from the trap of having “franchise players” be a crutch. We have show the prowess of the team without our star player and have some quarterbacks that can still deliver. Yes, we lost the last game against Buffalo, a team that is doing much better than anticipated, but Brady is back, the Patriots are in great shape and we all slept like babies last night as we dreamt of the next game when we do it again on Sunday against Cincinnati.

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