Top 10 Boston Music Venues You Must Visit

Boston live music venues

Boston is home to the night jam sessions. Not just mediocre ones but some of the best in the whole world. Rock and roll with indie rock bands and drink booze like it will never be served again. Break the floor with your dance steps and shout aloud like everyone has hearing impaired. Lift your arms up and make it one hell of a night!

Here is a list of 10 most popular and dedicated live music nightclubs that will make your night one memorable experience.

The Middle East

It is the combination of red and blue lights. It is one of the awesomely designed bar with the wooden floor calling to you. The Middle East has become the leading rock club for no ordinary reason. The owners have worked their way through the tiredness to bring the audience all the amazing features. As for its name, belly dancers come to the place too. The restaurant has also great menu to offer with delicious surprises.

Brighton Music Hall

The environment is set up perfectly to have the best night with your friends. Located in the middle of Allston Rock City, the layout of this nightclub is nicely designed. Not only does it allow you to enjoy concerts, one can pot some balls at the nearby pool tables and enjoy a nice cold alcoholic beverage.

House of Blues

You were so thrilled to have a night in at your friend’s house,  but your friend ends up being away from their house? Don’t let your thrill down. The House of Blues is always open for you. Their tidy atmosphere with live music will satisfy your thrill levels.

Paradise Rock Club

With a close view of the stage, the area is known to be spacious with some of their top class performers come to light it up (which they usually do!) Paradise Rock Club is the rock haunt of the modern era and provides music for people who enjoy dancing .

The Sinclair

Dwelling in the Harvard Square, The Sinclair stands as one of the best nightclubs in its nearby proximity. Acoustics are great. Music artists are always the best ones chosen. And the number of bars in the club are two. Not only the bars, there are two entrance to the place as well. One leads to music venue while the other one leads to the restaurant.

Great Scott

Go over to this nightclub and do the bottoms-up. This nightspot is a little on a setback of ambiance and the person capacity. But it shows great entertainment to make up for it and it also keeps the service attentive and friendly. Great Scott!

Wally’s Cafe

Another small place on the list. Wally’s Cafe is known for the jazz rhythms around Boston. Whether you got a date with you or a whole pack of friends, this place is the one to go to hangout for the night. Make sure to act proactively!

Boston Royale

The elegant looks of the interior are a sight to be witnessed. Balanced seating areas, all neat and beautiful and balanced atrium space. The DJ plays marvelous tunes to spice up your evening with whomever you decide to go.

The Beehive

While the Beehive is responsible for putting all the water in your mouth for its grilled cheese, delicious sauce, and fried eggs, this place also serves as a good place to enjoy live music at night. Just try hard to stay away from their sweet odour from the kitchen and it will get to you even more.

Lizard Lounge

A mediocre but cozy little place to go for a casual night out. Roots, jazz, folk, many types of music is known to mix in the melodies here. Having a beer in your hand, a girlfriend in front of you and nice music. That’s all you need and that’s Lizard Lounge.


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