5 Must-Go Events Happening In Boston In April

With loads of breathtaking and amazing attractions, a city as big as Boston doesn’t go without any events or festivals. Each month, several tourists illuminate the hustle of these festivals and cherish memories for themselves. Some fine upcoming events for Boston in April 2016 are noted down here.

1. Boston Marathon

As many of us may know, Boston Marathon exhibits the will and stamina of over 30,000 registered participants and is celebrated on 18th of April. It starts from Hopkinton, Massachusetts and ends in the city of Boston. It is one of the six World Marathon Majors and one of the four major events help in the United States. With the mutual date with Patriots’ Day, it is celebrated for commemoration of American Revolution. This day shows the patriotism for the braves who fought in the 18th century and gives honor to them.

2. Red Sox Games

Another key event of April is the Red Sox games. These athletic games are held in the well known stadium of Boston, Fenway Park. You can either stay for as long as you want and watch over 70 games, or you can watch just one game and enjoy the rest of the area. They have tasty burgers, lobster rolls and long sausages at frugal rates. So you can enjoy the game and have a taste as well.

3. Boston College Arts Festival

When you visit Boston, do not miss the chance of attending the Boston College Arts Festival located at Boston College on the Green line to last stop of B branch. Celebrated from 28th to 30th April, this festival demonstrates an assortment of galleries, paintings and designs. Along with these colorful presentations, you can also experience the effort of students in bringing you entertaining dance, music, theatre, comedy and much more. Do decide to be one of the 16,000 individuals that visits each year.  

4. Boston Ballet Presents Mikko Nissinen’s Swan Lake

No matter if you are a tourist or a resident, ballet dancers welcome all to their great city. From April 29th to May 26th, you can catch this beautiful show and enjoy your night at The Boston Opera House in Boston’s Theatre District. As this event is much rare as compared to others, this one is definitely should not make the list of “missed”. The tickets range from $45.00 to $159.00.

5. Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

There is no being on Earth who is not moved by music. If there is, they are not considered human. Happening on April 24th, in Sanders Theatre located on 295 Huntington Avenue, this event will be having one of today’s leading composer, Mr. Gandolfi present his talent through the beauty of his symphony called “Doubles” that is a mix of two sorts. Drawing the attention of a huge crowd, this breathtaking performance should not be missed.

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