6 Boston Filming Sites to Fill Your Day in the City

Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams and Matt Damon, in Boston Public Gardens

The city of Boston, with its cobblestone streets and thick accents, creates a distinct atmosphere for a number of popular Hollywood films. For tourists and movie fanatics interested in an authentic view of Boston, the following list outlines a day in the city, guided by its most famous filming locations. Warning: it includes a few minor spoilers! Check out our list of 6 Boston filming sites to fill your day in the city:

1. The Denny’s and motel from The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the Heat, on location at Denny's, outside of Boston

Photo courtesy of salemnews.com


In their 2013 buddy cop film, The Heat, actresses Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy venture just outside of the city to check into the Days Inn, located at 152 Endicott Street, in Danvers. Here, fans can rest up before their tour, and get breakfast right next door, at the Denny’s where Ashburn (Bullock) performed a tracheotomy on another diner.  The site of this cringe-worthy scene doubles as a great place to fuel up for the day.

2. The Good Will Hunting bench

The famous bench from Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams and Matt Damon at Boston's Public Gardens

Photo courtesy of Alexis Cruz


Take a stroll through Boston Public Gardens and sit for a moment, where Robin Williams and Matt Damon once did during Good Will Hunting. If you are coming from the western end of the bridge, walk towards the island and look for the third bench on your left. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ll probably recognize the most famous bench since Forrest Gump from the DVD cover and Netflix icon.

3. Fever Pitch’s seats at Fenway

Filming location at Fenway Park for the Boston movie Fever Pitch

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Next, Fenway Park will give you a taste of many Boston based films, but it is most well known as the home of Fever Pitch. According to a shot of their season tickets, Ben (Jimmy Fallon) and Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) sat in seats 3 and 4 in Section 16, Box 31, Row C of Fenway Park. Later, Lindsey heads towards these seats as she runs iconically across the baseball field. At the game, you can stop by this famous field box for a picture, grab a Fenway Frank for lunch, and cheer on the Red Sox in the spirit of Fever Pitch.

4. The apartment from The Departed

Matt Damon filmed apartment scenes for the Departed in this Boston building

Photo courtesy of Danielle Duggan

Just as the sun is setting, stop to take in the Boston skyline from the site of one of the city’s most famous movies: The Departed. Matt Damon’s character’s lavish apartment was filmed in the Corcoran Room, on the top floor of the Suffolk University Law Library. The apartment, and backdrop for the film’s final climax, overlooks Tremont Street and the Granary Burial Ground. “There’s a great view of the state house, Beacon Hill is here,” the realtor pitches to Sullivan (Damon) in the film. Of course, Sullivan’s original decor is long gone, but the view is just as his realtor describes.

5. The new Ghostbusters headquarters

The new Ghostbusters movie filmed in Boston at Kaze Shabu Shabu

For dinner, experience the latest trend in Japanese food and a sneak peak of the summer’s latest blockbuster. The interior of the Kaze Shabu Shabu Restaurant, located at 1 Harrison Avenue in Boston, was a main filming location for the new Ghostbusters movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. The film, which will not be released until July, traded a male team for a group of strong females, New York City for Boston, and a firehouse headquarters for Kaze Shabu Shabu.

6. The concert venue from Ted

Norah Jones Venue from Ted, filmed in Boston

We wrap up the evening at the Esplanade, where you can attend an event and enjoy the view of the Charles River. Of our many Boston filming sites, you might specifically recognize this from the end of Ted, when John, played by Mark Wahlberg, joins Norah Jones on the Hatch Shell Stage. The Hatch Shell hosts a variety of summer events, including the Boston Pops, free jazz concerts, and free projected movies. Year round, you can follow Ted’s paw prints along the Esplanade’s footbridges, bike paths, and playgrounds.


These Boston filming sites aren’t the only way to spend your day in Beantown. Check out our article on how to spend your summer 2017 in Boston.

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