Twins Speak!

Kara and Marni are twin sisters cooking and blogging away from their respective countryside and city locations. Take a look at what they have to say about life, each other and food!

Three things that make the both of you different and similar?


Kara is a lefty, Marni is a righty

Kara has a dog, Marni would love a kitten

Kara lived in Spain, Marni lived in Italy


Both love cooking, eating and of course, taking pictures of food

Both love exploring new cities and getting lost by foot

Both played doubles tennis together in high school and college

Both eat special K and a banana every day for breakfast. With almond milk


One thing you admire and one thing you would change about each other?

Kara: I admire Marni’s ability to organize and plan incredible parties coool as a cucumber. While she is running around a mile a minute focused on every detail, she manages to maintain that sweet smile. You’d never know!

Marni: I admire Kara’s patience and creativity. She can control a court of 30 tennis ball-hitting youngsters, engaged and excited with such ease.

Change: If we could share our morning coffee every morning and live closer, that would be nice.

What motivated you to start your blog, Twin Tastes?

While living in North End, we found ourselves experimenting with all kinds of local, seasonal ingredients influenced by our Greek background. We often shared many of our dishes and recipes with family and friends so we were encouraged to put them in writing with anecdotal stories behind them. We also enjoy taking pictures of all kinds of food.


What are you most grateful for in life?

Our supportive family.

The best part about being in Boston, Marni?

I enjoy living in a historical city with an informed, intelligent close-knit community. I can walk to the best seafood restaurants (Yankee Lobster Company is a must!)  and take a quick t ride to the beach. I also walk everywhere.


If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be and of course why?

Kara – french fries- ideally curly. no question.

Marni – thin, wood-fired oven pizza from Area Four. covered in red pepper flakes.


One thing you would give up food for?


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