Ultimate Guide to Handling F**cking MBTA Delays

Boston has the fourth busiest developed system of trains in the United States. Although, in a busy city as Boston, it is no news that transport experiences delays. Trains come and go varying from the arrival and departure times. Even then there are some tips and tricks that you can acquire in order to travel around more efficiently and reach your destination in time.

1. Social Media

The residents of “Harvard Institute Holder” take full advantage of technology and keeps up with everything that goes on about them. The app owners also stay up to date with every inch of the detail and strive to provide the accurate knowledge to their users. If you want to stay with the transit schedule then you definitely need to get one of those apps.

MBTA mTicket App

A ticket office in your pocket, with MBTA mTicket you will have no trouble booking tickets again. You won’t have trouble of waiting in lines and no trouble of losing it somewhere on the way. Your mobile will keep it safe in a digital form. Not only have that, the MBTA mTicket also makes it super-fast to book a ticket, on the go. So you can get aboard with no trouble at all. The downside to this is that it only benefits Commuter Rail and Ferry riders.

T-on-Time App

An app that directly gathers information from MBTA Commuter Rail is T-on-Time. The community app lists all the train times and delays, for its users to never miss a transit again. Its Android version is free while the iOS users must pay $4.99 to make use of it.

CatchIt App

CatchIt is a great app that fills its database with the real-time information from MassDOT. But given its presence only on Microsoft Windows app store, it is limited to only some mobile phones. So if you live in Boston and own a Windows Phone, then complement it with CatchIt.

MBTA Twitter

@MBTA on Twitter, they MBTA offers an up to date Twitter feed that allows riders to check update of a delayed services. This social network platform also allows users to create a community to voice their concerns or keep up Public Meetings about the MBTA.

Google Maps App

Your friendly map provided by Google can also give you an accurate or estimated time of arrival of MBTA transportation. Not only does it give you a time, but it can also direct you to a specific MBTA route to guide you to your destination.

2. MBTA Website

Technology seems to be at its prime in Boston. Nothing more will help you than internet and mobile apps. The https://www.mbta.com provides some useful tools to plan your trips and put Boston residents at ease. Some tools are given below with a little description.

Trip Planner

The trip planner of MBTA lets you put a starting source and destination in the fields available. What you have to do is to mark some information and click the ‘Submit’ button. The computer will move some bits in the backend and will tell you the approximate time for travel by train as well as the walking distance and time. It’s very useful.

Service Nearby

This tool will get you all the transit services and transit lines nearest to your location or the location you put in the field. It can save you the exploration and fatigue to search around the area yourself.

Service Alerts

This tool can also serve well for you as it can give you the details if a transit is suspended, delayed or closed due to any problem that might rise.


“T-Alerts” is the service for your email and mobile phone as it notifies the user by text messages. You just have to subscribe with an email address or your mobile phone number if you want to subscribe for the free text message notification service.

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