Universal Inspirations Throughout 2016

Through IM Boston’s recent social experiment, we saw not only the uniqueness of the individual, but the universal inspirations that connects us all. Here at IM Boston, our guiding principle is that everyone has a story. In the expression of each person’s personal salvation, themes began to arise. If anything, this is a clear proof that no matter your background or language, there are common threads that inspire us all.


First of all, family. Whether it be gaining a new family member or drawing strength from the members that have already been there for them through thick and thin, participants seem to share the idea that whether they’re miles away or within driving distance- family is important. Because having a family to rely on will always be something that’s irreplaceable. Especially in those trying moments in life. With this experiment came the realization that family comes in many forms- from immediate family, to friends, unions and clubs. Even those people who share the same interests with each other.

From giving birth, to marriages, a lot of Bostonians and non-Bostonians alike seem to be very family-oriented. They know that their pillar of strength comes from special individuals in their lives.

Small Victories

Our accomplishments in life are another driving force, whether big or small, personal or public. Through finding the sheer will power to keep going, to even staying sober all throughout the year or graduating- these small victories in life and the milestones that people accomplish are the main proponents as to why participants can successfully say that they made it through the year.


Another ever-present theme that seems to be noteworthy that came out of this experiment is that people are still very much reliant on the intangible things in life. That being said, a lot of people that participated wrote faith. From faith in supreme beings to even faith in themselves or certain people.

As some would say, we all have to have a little bit of faith. And this experiment has justified that all the more.


If this social experiment has proven anything- it’s that regardless of what age, nationality or status in life you’re in, having hobbies and interests can certainly get one through trials and tribulations. From the most trivial things like having a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at the end of the day, to even recreational activities and hobbies, it’s almost always the little things that make the most difference in a person’s life.

With the the year coming to a close, this experiment has us all reflecting on the past days. It’s really amazing to know that people share a lot of the same inspirations. Proof that even though we may look different, some motivations are truly universal in nature.

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