Where You Need to Spend Your Lunch Break: by CHLOE.

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Hello Boston by CHLOE.

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A little slice of vegan heaven has landed in the Seaport District. New York’s by CHLOE. is a vegan restaurant making waves in the restaurant scene. Hear me out, I know vegan food doesn’t exactly have a reputation for getting people excited, but even carnivores are doing double takes when it comes to this particular restaurant.

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With a menu that covers everything from brunch to ice cream, there’s something for everyone- and even their dogs! Grab a salad for when you’re on the go, a nitro coffee if you’re feeling trendy, or sit down for something filling like the Whiskey BBQ sandwich.

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This is by CHLOE.’s first location in Boston and will soon be joined by a second storefront in the Fenway area. One fun draw is a take on some classic Boston eats. They are currently featuring ‘clam’ chowder and a ‘lobster’ roll, perfect for this spring weather! Their décor will make any Pinterest regular envious between the mixing of colors and prints, not to mention the chair swing in the corner. Let’s just say the trends are not limited to the food.

byCHLOE. "Lobster" roll

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by CHLOE. opens today and while the line will probably be around the block it’s so nice out you won’t even mind waiting to get your vegan treat! Who knows, you might even reconsider your meat eating ways!



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