Why Are People Going Crazy for These Boston Inspired Shirts?

Why Are People Going Crazy for These Boston Inspired Shirts?

There is a huge buzz about the IM Boston shirts that until recently were not available. There are many options of fashion tees on the market, so what makes these so special?

The IM Boston shirts are not just regular “t-shirts” for starters. Each one has been carefully crafted with a story that relates to the custom design, all inspired by Boston. The cool thing is, the story is carefully printed on the inside of each shirt under the label and highlights the meaning and inspiration for that design. The full story is only available inside shirt, but the website gives a glimpse of it.

These shirts can be ordered from the IM Boston website, but keep in mind that there are limited quantities available for each design which makes owning one of these shirts extra special. Once they sell out, you can’t get another of that same design. So if there’s a particular design that speaks to you, you better grab it quick.

They are priced at $35 and are totally worth every dollar as they are made of very high quality tri-blend material (not your typical ‘t-shirt’). The shirts are not just symbolic of the city but also play a role in making it better. IM Boston printed their shirts in partnership with a local non-profit organization Artists for Humanity to provide urban youth an outlet for creativity and gain life-changing skills they can translate to careers in their future.

No wonder, these shirts are the latest trend of Boston.

Have a peek at a few designs and their inspiration behind each.


Iconic Crew Neck T-shirt Highlights Boston's First Bike Lane


Boston’s first Bike lanes were installed on the city streets in 2008. Bostonian bikers don’t have to fear getting hit by the buses anymore. They can ride their Bikes freely on the roads. The shirt has a classic bike and two lanes, which are symbolic of the Bike lanes, famously referred to as the Freedom trails.





Slim crew neck t-shirt represent the diversity and inclusion of Boston


Boston is one of the most diverse cities of America. 1971 marks Boston’s first gay pride march. Boston is all about life, health, nature, love, spirit and harmony. Different cultures and beliefs shape up who the people of Boston are. Boston celebrates its multiplicities in all aspects and the rainbow is symbolic of all colors that flourish in the city.



The classic loose V neck T-shirt


This design, simply put, celebrates Boston. This revolutionary city is the home of the first public park, the first marathon, and the first baseball World Series, among other discoveries. In a town with such a rich historical background, it’s only fitting that the people of Boston proudly show their Boston pride.




Women's slouchy t-shirt features the citizen of Boston



Boston is well known for its rich and profound history but the real reason what makes Boston a great city is the people. Hence the saying, “What is the city but the people?” Our sentiments exactly. All of the different cultures, classes, ethnicities, and ideologies make up the city of Boston. Boston is strengthened by its diversity and united in its pride.



Women's slouchy shirt highlights the beloved Boston duck statues


The well-known duck statues in the Boston Public Garden inspire this shirt. The ducks first debuted in Robert McClosky’s beloved children’s book in 1941 and have since found their way into our hearts. This shirt is not only for animal lovers, but people who love Boston and want to represent our “get out of my way” attitude.




Boston Jersey shirt features the Boston skyline



The Boston Cityscape shirt was inspired by Beantown’s beautiful and unique skyline. From the far side of the Charles River, to a glimpse of the magnificent Boston skyline and a bustling metropolis that illustrate equal parts of past, present and future. From Fenway to Hyde Park, Allston to Southie, Boston is connected through its culture of hard work and creativity. If you want to represent Boston, this shirt is right in line.


Each shirt provides the most comfortable wearing experience while offering a simple and stylish look for both men and women. Great for either a dressed up or casual look. You can wear your shirt under a blazer or just with shorts on a hot day. These premium quality shirts not only give you a cute, fashionable look but also show your love for the great city of Boston. Furthermore, the shirt represents the soul of Boston and the rich history and pride around the city. There’s no need to shout your feelings from the rooftops; your outfit will show everything you believe in.

Inventory for these Boston shirts are limited. Get yours now!

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