Look Your Best! 2017 Womens Fashion Trends By The Experts

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter of the year! Would you believe that time went by so quickly? With that in mind, we can now safely say that there’s been some evident shifts in womens fashion trends that’s been happening ever since 2017 rolled around.

Worried you’re not hitting all the spots in trend boulevard just yet? Have no fear! We’re serving you another round of womens fashion advice from our local experts themselves!

Read on and take some notes while at it, we’re sure you’d wanna take a trip to a few stores after reading this!

Womens Fashion Trends 2017:

1. The comfortable vs fashionable debate is over!

This has been a long-standing debate in the fashion world. Do you sacrifice feeling comfy to look fly? Or, do you end up looking like a hobo but feel as if you’ve never left your bed that morning?

Well, now this debate is over! Because believe it or not ladies, active wear is actually taking over and it’s now generally acceptable to wear your gym gear outside of your work out space. With that, Irina Gorbman is stepping it up with her own yoga leggings. Not only are her pieces hand-painted and majestic-looking on your legs, they’re also very comfortable and can be worn outside of your hot yoga or pilates class!


photo courtesy of: Irina Gorbman website

Before, there’s a notion that leggings only belonged in places where you were going to work out. But lucky for us, talented designers are now creating pieces that not only feel great, but look great as well! Daniela Corte‘s eco leather leggings will make anyone look flattering whilst out and about, too.


photo courtesy of: Daniela Corte website

2. Investing in functional accessories is key to a complete look

Nowadays people are more conscientious of the things they buy. In the past decade, it was cool to be thrifty and be mindful of how much you spend on clothes and accessories in general. But with what recent trends have shown, it’s better to spend more on a good, high quality product that can take you anywhere and serve as a great day to night piece too. Anything that supports the active lifestyle of milennials nowadays are what people tend to gravitate towards! Not only that, those brands that are environmentally conscious are the in-thing as well.

Ramblerose is a brand that focuses on hand-crafted jewelry. The wide range of choices that this jewelry line gives us all makes it that much more valuable. From chokers, necklaces and even cuffs, we’re sure you can find something trendy to go with your look!

the miami chevron choker2

photo courtesy of: Miami chevron choker, Ramblerose website

If you happen live in the New England area, the best womens fashion advice you can ever bring with you is that it pays to be prepared. You wouldn’t want to go out of the house looking fresh and fly, but then find yourself shivering not long after- especially in the fall and winter months. Which is why Chartzie is a good brand to turn to whenever you’re looking for that perfect scarf to complete your look. But don’t be fooled! Her scarves aren’t just for the colder days, but perfect for a summer, breezy look too!

Hand painted Silk Scarf womens fashion trends

photo courtesy of: Chartzie website

Ever had that feeling when you didn’t really want to use the same bag over and over but had no choice? Well, Juneberry Bags gives you more than what you pay for. How? You may ask. Well, all of the bags in this line come with choices of different covers so you can switch it up! Just simply zip and unzip and it’ll look like you have a completely new item- without even taking any of your bag contents out. How cool is that?!

womens fashion trends

photo courtesy of: Juneberry Bags website

3. Breaking the slipper stigma!

Go to any designer brand store and you’ll see something quite interesting lately in the shoe section. Slippers and slip-on shoes are becoming more and more the leading trend in the footwear industry. Gone are the days where people think slippers are limited for the household only.

But of course, it pays to buy things that look great and stylish too! Artemis Design Co makes use of textiles with classic designs to create kilim shoes, velvet slippers and other accessories. Check their shop out for yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

womens fashion trends

photo courtesy of: Artemis Design Co website

4. Sustainable AND sexy is the way to go

If Hollywood celeb Emma Watson has taught us anything with her recent red carpet events for Beauty and the Beast, it’s that sustainable clothing can look just as classy and elegant as those pieces that are made from raw material. More and more designers are not conscious on how big the impact of the fashion and textile industry has on our degrading environment, which is why brands like Ash & Rose have changed the game for everyone.

Their three pillars are: sustainability, fair labor and empowering women. Not only are their pieces to-die-for gorgeous, it’ll feel great purchasing their clothes knowing that you’re helping out the environment and their employees, while looking great at the same time!

Check out their online shop or head on over to Harrison Ave! Trust us- from their lingerie line to their outerwear, everything is on fleek! We’re absolutely in love with this brand if it wasn’t obvious enough, and you will be too!

womens fashion trends

photo courtesy of: Ash & Rose website

We’ve now given you all the tools needed to be well on your way to becoming the fashionista that you are! All it takes is a visit to these shops whether in person, an online marketplace or their respective websites- you’ll be turning heads and getting compliments left and right once you up your style game!

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